Tatsuo Miyajima: A Night at the MCA

I wouldn't call myself a massive art fanatic, but I do love art, particularly contemporary. There is something so interesting about the modern world and the way people today interpret things - hence, why I love to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art, in Sydney. Not only is Sydney my hometown, but somewhere I [...]


October Favourites

I am back! I have been working and interning - it's a busy life for me! However, I am just trying to work out my new blogging schedule (and potential youtube videos whoop!) so bear with me for a while as I manage to work around during this hectic time... 'The Priceline Sale' (Revlon/Rimmel/Australis) I grabbed [...]

One Year.

On this day in 2015 - I decided to start 'Elizabeth and Her' (after much deliberation, anxiety and nerves). I had been considering blogging since I was about 15 after stumbling across Chessie (www.freshlypikked.com) - although she is a year younger than me, she was one of my first inspirations to start blogging - if [...]

September Favourites

I cannot believe this year is almost over! Christmas is coming (is it acceptable to start playing Christmas songs? I think it is!) My favourites this month are short but sweet - I am trying to get back into the makeup industry!   Maybelline 'Fit Me' Foundation in 120 After leaving my NARS Sheer Glow [...]

The Breakfast Club (London)

I love the Breakfast Club. Yes, I am talking about the movie. Little known to people, my favourite actress is Molly Ringwald! However, setting aside the movie - The Breakfast Club is also a cafe in London! Set out with an alternative and funky interior, as well as really friendly staff, we (me and my friend) [...]