“Wait, He Doesn’t Live in Melbourne?”

Ah, long distance. Don't you just love not being in the same city, even country as your significant other (not lol)? I have had some experience with long distance: Charlie and I have been in a long distance relationship from Sydney to Melbourne (him being in Sydney, me being in Melbourne) for a year now - [...]


My Favourite Coffee Spots in Sydney!

Happy Thursday everyone! I am a big fan of the humble (almond milk) cappuccino - so when I travel back to Sydney, I am always on the hunt for my next 'melbourne-esque' brew. Living in the coffee snob city has its perks and downfalls... for one, I really (I mean really - I have withdrawals) miss [...]

The Purchase Journals

Hi all! Thinking ahead into the new year - my main focus is on investment purchases and saving up for the goodies which last me years - focusing on fashion & lifestyle (and my cheeky main goal for 2018): let's get crackin'!  The 'Gucci' Soho Disco Bag Known affectionately as the "blogger bag of 2017" [...]

Buku Cakery (Northcote)

This week I have hopped on the sunny another side of the CBD...to Northcote/Thornbury! Most commonly known for the 'Welcome to Thornbury' foodie truck park (which, by the way, is something to try whilst you're here!) which features different food truck cuisines such as Greek, Burgers and even a Chilli Festival. Although I am a [...]

Auction Rooms Cafè

Hey, lovelies! It has been a while since I have done some foodie posts - so I have two coming your way! The first is Auction Rooms in North Melbourne, somewhat of a local spot for the Parkville & Carlton folk. Auction Rooms has a miniature menu, with around seven/eight options for all-day breakfast and [...]

Film Series: Part Three

Hey, there internet friends! I feel like I shoot on film nowadays more than I shoot on my DSLR (silly, I know!) - I feel like the rush of developing film is so exhilarating, I can't get enough of it! I thought I would share with you some of the photos that I have taken over [...]