Film Series: Part Two

Hello, internet friends! I am back again with another film post. Sadly, my poor Chinon's (which I used for my Film Series: Part One) shutter locked after I developed that single roll - that's the nature of film cameras, I suppose! Film cameras cost a fair bit to repair, so you're actually better off buying [...]


Higher Ground

Address 650 Little Bourke Street                                                             Melbourne Victoria 3000                                       [...]

Bloom at Mosman

Back at you with another food post (yep - another one!). This time, taking it back to my "hometown" (Melbourne is home, but Sydney is the OG) - Sydney. The Lower North Shore, especially in the last number of years has really stepped up its game in terms of food. Not only appealing to those [...]

Podcasts: My Favourites.

  Although I am a little late on the podcast bandwagon - during last month, I have been trying to steer away from music and more into listening. Despite having hating crime shows my whole life - for some bizarre reason - I have been drawn into a lot of crime/thriller (not as scary as [...]

Film Series: Part One.

Since I was young, I have only shot on DSLR or Digital cameras - so when I bought my film camera in London last year, needless to say - I was terrified. After biting the bullet (thanks to inspiration from one of my best friends - go and follow her instagram at @jasmineeskye (who is [...]

Travel Diary 05 – Shanghai

Back at it again with traveling! It has been a serious while since I have posted a travel diary - the commute from Australia to ANY country is a long one, something that I miss about living in Europe last year. Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to travel to Shanghai for just under a week [...]