The Loft (Canggu, Bali)

I took a quick trip to Bali w/ Charlie + his lovely family just before Christmas to Canggu, which is about forty-five minutes from Seminyak. It is a widely known fact (especially if you follow me on instagram) that I become a walking, talking acai bowl when the weather gets warmer. Bali was mildly warm, [...]


Summer Travel Essentials

Summer in Australia is right around the corner (ironically, I'm jetting off to London at the end of this year... the polar opposite!) which always means tanning and consuming an insane amount of ice-cream. I am, however, getting lots of travelling in the next two months, in particular, my post-exam celebration to Fiji (there will [...]

October Favourites

Well. Here it is! The first post on my blog - thank you all for being so patient!! Sitting final exams and blogging don't really mix do they? (or do they? *laughs*). Anyways, as the month of October draws to an end  (please, this year is going by so fast), I want to draw your [...]