Netflix: My Top Picks for 2018

When Uber released a video at the end of last year showing how many rides I had taken - I was very glad that Netflix didn't show how many hours that I had spent in my room watching shows last year. Nevertheless, I do consider myself somewhat of a Netflix aficionado so I thought I [...]


Film Series: Four

Getting film is still one of my favourite things. My poor film camera (my point and shoot) took its final breath (ie: the shutter locked - if you remember from my first film camera post - my CHINON film camera did the same thing... clearly a good track record for me!) I've had a pretty looooong [...]

The Purchase Journals

Hi all! Thinking ahead into the new year - my main focus is on investment purchases and saving up for the goodies which last me years - focusing on fashion & lifestyle (and my cheeky main goal for 2018): let's get crackin'!  The 'Gucci' Soho Disco Bag Known affectionately as the "blogger bag of 2017" [...]

Film Series: Part Three

Hey, there internet friends! I feel like I shoot on film nowadays more than I shoot on my DSLR (silly, I know!) - I feel like the rush of developing film is so exhilarating, I can't get enough of it! I thought I would share with you some of the photos that I have taken over [...]

Two Years.

It feels like yesterday when I was sitting in The Coffee Dispensary in Cheltenham and writing my year one blogpost. Today, we celebrate two years and let me tell you, many things have changed. For starters, I've moved back to Australia - a different state this time (Melbourne, for those that don't know), started my [...]