Film Series: Part Three

Hey, there internet friends! I feel like I shoot on film nowadays more than I shoot on my DSLR (silly, I know!) - I feel like the rush of developing film is so exhilarating, I can't get enough of it! I thought I would share with you some of the photos that I have taken over [...]


Two Years.

It feels like yesterday when I was sitting in The Coffee Dispensary in Cheltenham and writing my year one blogpost. Today, we celebrate two years and let me tell you, many things have changed. For starters, I've moved back to Australia - a different state this time (Melbourne, for those that don't know), started my [...]


Hello lovely people! A different blog post for you today - one that isn't about food or coffee or an art gallery, but about a lot of different thoughts. Next month, I hit two years on my blog (I know, time flies! How has it been this long!). After three refurbs, three photographers and three [...]

Film Series: Part Two

Hello, internet friends! I am back again with another film post. Sadly, my poor Chinon's (which I used for my Film Series: Part One) shutter locked after I developed that single roll - that's the nature of film cameras, I suppose! Film cameras cost a fair bit to repair, so you're actually better off buying [...]

Podcasts: My Favourites.

  Although I am a little late on the podcast bandwagon - during last month, I have been trying to steer away from music and more into listening. Despite having hating crime shows my whole life - for some bizarre reason - I have been drawn into a lot of crime/thriller (not as scary as [...]

Film Series: Part One.

Since I was young, I have only shot on DSLR or Digital cameras - so when I bought my film camera in London last year, needless to say - I was terrified. After biting the bullet (thanks to inspiration from one of my best friends - go and follow her instagram at @jasmineeskye (who is [...]