Higher Ground

Address 650 Little Bourke Street                                                             Melbourne Victoria 3000                                       [...]


Bloom at Mosman

Back at you with another food post (yep - another one!). This time, taking it back to my "hometown" (Melbourne is home, but Sydney is the OG) - Sydney. The Lower North Shore, especially in the last number of years has really stepped up its game in terms of food. Not only appealing to those [...]

Seven Seeds (Carlton)

Back at you with another foodie post! Today - Seven Seeds Coffee in Carlton. Tucked away in a little lane with graffiti (classic melbourne, amirite!) - Seven Seeds boasts a hefty brunch menu as well as specialty roasted coffee. Known for bringing in Melbourne University students for study hours (they have nice big tables and [...]

Everyday Canteen

Hello, lovely people of the internet! Back at you with another foodie blog post (I swear, I am not becoming a food blogger!) - I have a life update coming very soon, but for now - I will enlighten you with my partner's second home, Everday Canteen. Now that I am back in Sydney (for [...]


I present to you - my first of my revived restaurant series in Melbourne! Hurrah! I have not done one of these for a long while, hey guys?! To kick it off - SeouljaBoy is one of my favourites here in Melbourne.  Apart from the amazing cocktails, this place packs a punch with their 'tapas' [...]