Netflix: My Top Picks for 2018

When Uber released a video at the end of last year showing how many rides I had taken - I was very glad that Netflix didn't show how many hours that I had spent in my room watching shows last year. Nevertheless, I do consider myself somewhat of a Netflix aficionado so I thought I [...]


Top 5 Books of 2016

Hello, lovely internet people! Although it is almost half way through Jan, I thought I would share my top five books of twenty sixteen. Long overdue, I know. Although I still need to get back into a regular reading pattern (I was a massive reader as a kid!) - one of my new years' resolutions [...]

October Favourites

I am back! I have been working and interning - it's a busy life for me! However, I am just trying to work out my new blogging schedule (and potential youtube videos whoop!) so bear with me for a while as I manage to work around during this hectic time... 'The Priceline Sale' (Revlon/Rimmel/Australis) I grabbed [...]

September Favourites

I cannot believe this year is almost over! Christmas is coming (is it acceptable to start playing Christmas songs? I think it is!) My favourites this month are short but sweet - I am trying to get back into the makeup industry!   Maybelline 'Fit Me' Foundation in 120 After leaving my NARS Sheer Glow [...]

August Favourites

*swoons* check out this new lense guys! This is 100% my favourite (even though it is attatched to my camera!) This is probably my favourite.... well, favourites so far! Whilst in Rome - I have access to natural lighting and a white wall which makes me a very happy blogger! Without further ado, there are [...]