(VLOG) One Year, Early 21st Birthday Celebrations & Time in Sydney

Hello everyone! I present to you, my newest + first ever vlog. Vlogging has been something slightly scary for me, but this year is the year to get over my fears: so here goes nothing. Sorry for looking at the viewfinder so much, this is all totally new to me as I am used to [...]


Gogyo (Surry Hills)

Everyone that knows me knows that I love (I mean love - like I could eat it 24/7) Ramen. I find it the most delicious meal for a number of reasons: the fact that it has so many different elements + flavours, from crunchy bean shoots to soft handmade noodles, tender pork chatsu, and delicious veggies. [...]

Film Series: Four

Getting film is still one of my favourite things. My poor film camera (my point and shoot) took its final breath (ie: the shutter locked - if you remember from my first film camera post - my CHINON film camera did the same thing... clearly a good track record for me!) I've had a pretty looooong [...]

The Loft (Canggu, Bali)

I took a quick trip to Bali w/ Charlie + his lovely family just before Christmas to Canggu, which is about forty-five minutes from Seminyak. It is a widely known fact (especially if you follow me on instagram) that I become a walking, talking acai bowl when the weather gets warmer. Bali was mildly warm, [...]