Pinkie Ivanhoe

Nestled away near the Ivanhoe Train Station is the newest kid on the block, Pinkie and it is as good as it looks.


The brains behind the cafe are Dominic and Diana Caruso (who have also produced No.19 in Ascot Vale and St. Rose in Essendon) – the popularity behind these prior two cafes is matched to the same as Pinkie. The interior is minimalist, with neon ‘takeaway’ sign at the till: right up my alley, if you ask me.



Now let’s get onto the food – and my god, it’s good. They have a tonne of options on the menu, for everyone who wants a health kick versus someone who has more of a sweet tooth. They have brekkie options like an acai bowl (not a winter pick, but good for those who need a sunday detox), brekkie burger (with a whole lotta bacon), sweet n’ salty pancakes (uhh… think whipped honey ricotta, white chocolate crumbs and bananas – yes please!) or the classical smashed avo on toast. If you’re feeling something more lunch based, they have a whole range of options as well, like the ‘salmon & the rye’ – salmon with house-made pesto and a poached egg or the sushi bowl (kinda like a poké bowl) with smoked salmon.


For those thinking of bringing the smaller crew – they also have a ‘little peeps’ menu with smaller pancakes, eggs on toast and even avo and toast soldiers!

Myself and Mish (you can check out her awesome ‘gram here: @hellomishchief) went for more savory dishes! I chowed down on chilli scrambled eggs with chorizo + halloumi with a matcha latte and Mish went for the Sushi Bowl and a Nutberry smoothie: Delish!

I would say 100% I would trek out to Ivanhoe for the scrambled eggs again. They’re absolutely amazing, and some of the best that I have had (which is a big call, if you know how much I fan over anything chilli scrambled). The chorizo was just the right amount and adding halloumi was a REAL good choice: salty halloumi, creamy eggs, and chorizo – hell yeah. The photos do it justice.


I’d never had a matcha latte before (I usually go for my standard almond cap) – it was a nice flavour, but I’d probably skip on it next time (I am not sure if they have gotten it just right yet, as it was quite separated from the milk and had matcha chunks throughout it, something that I know isn’t the standard for matcha). Nevertheless, there looked like many customers lining up for their coffee hit, so if I make my way over to Ivanhoe, I’ll be sure to try it out and let you guys know.

I ‘Pinkie’ promise – it’s pretty good.

Please Note: Mish was invited to try out the cafe and take some killer pics, so she invited me along, so brunch was on the house. Thanks for having us, Pinkie!


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