Wide Open Road (Melbourne)

It’s surprising, to say the least, that I haven’t reviewed this place yet. I pretty much spend most of my time, when I am not at university or at work, of course – at Wide Open Road (WOR). Not only is it tucked away behind Barkly Square for unsuspecting shoppers to get one of the best coffees in Brunswick, they make some killer food too.


The atmosphere is rustic and chic, with large beamed high-ceilings and wooden + marble tables. They have a mixture of tables outside, inside, at the bar, on the communal tables or up on the higher landing of the cafè: you will find the perfect place for your brunch. Not only does this delicious spot have some of the best natural lighting in Melbourne with their many windows, the staff is prompt and friendly. I would say get in early to avoid the cues, but even then, the line for waiting isn’t too long.



I had brunch with the absolutely lovely Mish (you can find her at @hellomishchief on Instagram, she posts the most amazing foodie photos and is style goals, to be honest!) and we went for the vegan bircher muesli. Even tho it was pouring with rain outside, I would usually opt for scrambled eggs with bacon – but I felt like a little bit of a lighter option for an 8AM breakfast! To accompany our brekkie, of course, has to be an almond cappuccino: my favourite.





2 Replies to “Wide Open Road (Melbourne)”

  1. Oh I love finding new cafes, I live in Perth but I enjoy looking for cafes when I hopefully travel over to the eastern states! I love the colours of the plates and cups! Brekky looks good too!


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