Gogyo (Surry Hills)

Everyone that knows me knows that I love (I mean love – like I could eat it 24/7) Ramen. I find it the most delicious meal for a number of reasons: the fact that it has so many different elements + flavours, from crunchy bean shoots to soft handmade noodles, tender pork chatsu, and delicious veggies. Plus, it comes in a whole range of different “flavours” (Shio, Soyu, Miso, and Tonkotsu) so there is something to please everyone. Pretty much every region of Japan has a different style of Ramen, which is why it is one of my faves because I feel that you can always try something new.

I have quite an opinion when it comes to my favourite ramen restaurants: my top two are Ryo’s Noodles in Crows Nest & Ippudo in the CBD (Ippudo are the brains behind Gogyo!). Never would I have thought that I would have another place to join my ranks – bring in Gogyo in Surry Hills! I would say that it’s ~ fancier ~ than the two mentioned above, however, they are vastly different in many ways. Nestled away in Albion St, this place has taken over one of my favourite other restaurants, Salaryman.






The team is known for their kogashi (burnt ramen) which is flying out the doors in Kyoto (seriously, apparently the lines over there can be hours long), so naturally, I knew this place was going to be fantastic. The broth is cooked at an extremely high temperature and turns into a black charcoal colour. It was 42 degrees on the day that I decided to shoot here, so I opted for something lighter (but do not worry – I will 100% be back and let you know how I handle the heat) – I went for the Chilli Shoyu which was rich in flavour and my gosh did it have a kick to it. It wasn’t that type of spice that I couldn’t handle, although I felt like it cleared me of any cold I was going to have for the next ten years. It was topped with thick pork chashu and mince pork, springy noodles which were incredible and something really interesting: tomatoes! Never would I thought I would be chowing down on some tomatoes that didn’t involve avocado on toast, but this was refreshing against the spiciness of the broth.

Now let’s talk about the atmosphere. This place definitely screams “date night” – with a communal table, large open bar as well as seats tucked into the corner for you intimate folk. As it was in the midst of the lunchtime rush, I was worried that the service would slip but to no avail: fresh water was topped up as soon as I finished my glass, my order was taken swiftly and my steaming hot bowl of ramen was served to my table in a flash. They opened the door for me as soon as I walked in and gave me a bib so I made sure ramen didn’t get on my clothing. RIP to all the white clothing I have lost to my battles with ramen broth.

Gogyo Ramen: I’ll be back!








Let me know if you have any ramen suggestions in Sydney – I love trying new ones!

x Lizzie

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