My Favourite Coffee Spots in Sydney!

Happy Thursday everyone! I am a big fan of the humble (almond milk) cappuccino – so when I travel back to Sydney, I am always on the hunt for my next ‘melbourne-esque’ brew. Living in the coffee snob city has its perks and downfalls… for one, I really (I mean really – I have withdrawals) miss the coffee. Luckily for me, I do have some favourites here in sunny Sydney and I thought I would share them with you all!



Ah, The Penny Royal. Not only would you see this featured daily (whoops) on my instagram story, TPR is home to my absolute favourite dish of all time, the Moroccan bruschetta…lowkey I actually need to do a blog post on them because I practically live there.

Not only does this cafe have a killer soundtrack pumping whilst they serve you your morning brew (they use Campos Coffee – one of my favourite roasts), they also have the perfect menu to match. Although be warned, the line for takeaway can be long – I think it is worth it.


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



The Boathouse is not only an awesome brunch spot but how can someone not resist a cute little anchor on their coffee? I really love their blend (I know, it’s why it’s made my list) but this place is super cute and has a large open courtyard – although finding a seat in the morning can be a bit of a struggle, especially if you’re looking to spend a day at the beach, especially on a Saturday morning! Nevertheless, they make a killer almond cappuccino in bright blue cups, stark against their white interior.


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Collective Roasting Solutions (CRS) is one of THE best coffee spots in Sydney. They have a rotational beans cycle, which means you can get some new stuff everytime you go. They also hold cupping classes and roastery classes, which is something that I am yet to experience. Looking online, it seems as if the Enmore location closed their doors in April but they have a roastery in Alexandria. They also provide for some of my other favorites: Artificier, Edition Coffee Roasters & Circa.





Ice, Ice, Baby. One of my favourite iced coffees (trust me, an almond milk one is hard to get right due to the milk separating) is at Concrete Jungle Cafe, just on the cusp near UTS/Ultimo. Nestled away in the back lanes home to some other foodie favourites (such as Holy Duck!, Spice Alley & KOI Dessert Bar). It has just the right amount of caffeine kick, which is good for a small girl like me – I often find iced coffees to be a bit stronger than a normal cappuccino. If you’re staying for food, they have a blue acai bowl which is delicious – but their coffee is just as amazing.


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Go for the donuts, stay for the coffee. Newtown is known for their ‘cronut’ creations (a croissant crossed with a donut) but their coffee is superb. They have three locations: the HQ in Newtown and two smaller coffee shops in Surry Hills and Cammeray. My favourite blend is called “The Raging Bull” – I feel like that is me without a coffee in the morning. I’ve been to both the Newtown & Surry Hills locations and they are both equally as wonderful, although the Newtown menu is a little bit bigger, they both still dish out their coffee with a smile.







I swear, this is where you will find the majority of Sydney on a Saturday morning. The Grounds of Alexandria (in Alexandria… go figure) is an outdoor “farm-style” venue with an adorable pig called Kevin Bacon. You can find their roast all over the place (including one of my favourites in Chatswood, Flower Child) but it’s best where it is bred. They have a full coffee roastery at the back of the main store but they have numerous take-away spots in the mini vendors around the location so you won’t be without a coffee in hand.

I’ve been to the Grounds of the City once, and the wait can be over three hours, so be warned. I know you can book, but that may only be for dinners at the moment). Set right in the Galleries, it does have a takeaway spot for those who aren’t willing to wait. Although saying that, the location is probably the most beautiful: it feels as if I have stepped back in time. The coffee here is the same as the Alexandria location, but I would say out of the two, this one is the winner.



Let me know what your favourite coffee spots are in Sydney!

x Lizzie



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