The Purchase Journals

Hi all! Thinking ahead into the new year – my main focus is on investment purchases and saving up for the goodies which last me years – focusing on fashion & lifestyle (and my cheeky main goal for 2018): let’s get crackin’!

FASHION (6).png

 The ‘Gucci’ Soho Disco Bag

Known affectionately as the “blogger bag of 2017” – my love for the Gucci Soho Disco bag (surprisingly) hasn’t wavered. From quizzing people about it on the street to watching numerous “what’s in my bag” videos… my love for this bag has only grown! Those that know me, know that I am quite the Gucci aficionado and that it is something that I am willing to invest in – I really love their branding, the quality of their products and the overall vibe. Out of all the colorways available: the black one is the closest to my heart and the most practical for my outfits, but I also love the oxblood coloured one too.

This bag can pack a punch, although it is small, it has enough space for a ‘plus’ model iPhone, sunglasses, keys… all the essentials. Number One on my purchase list for the new year!

Available on the Gucci Website or other stores such as Net-A-Porter 

Image Supplied from the Gucci Website.




A ‘Jakke London’ Fur Coat 

Jakke London is a relatively new brand on the fashion scene producing the most beaaaautiful faux fur coats in the most outrageously gorgeous prints; think lime green, heart printed, floral and even a cow printed fur coat that I would happily prance around in during my winter months in melbourne. Needless to say – I want the whole store, but I’ll just settle on one this year. I love how Megan Ellaby styles her coat(s) on her ‘gram here, here and here. I’m currently gravitating towards the Tammy Coat in the Heart Print and Print Check.

Available on the Jakke London Website as well as ASOS 


A New Pair of Chuck Taylor Converses

The fashion classic. I am a frequent wearer of my current two pairs: the black leather low-top mono classic as well as my comme des garçons x converse collaboration pair. I’m looking to ‘retro’ up my shoe collection by adding some classical colors (mustard and red are probably my top picks) in the ‘All-Star 70 Low Top’ style!

Available from the Converse website.


FASHION (3).png

Tom Dixon ‘Air’ Candle 

Tom Dixon’s Air Candle is probably the most heavenly scent that I have ever smelt. Although it is pricey, it is the type of ‘treat yo – self’ product that I want to use whilst having a relaxing bath on a Sunday evening. Because I don’t have a bath in my accommodation, I’d generally use this when I am home – which means it would be one of those treats about coming back to Sydney. Notes of pink pepper, white tea, neroli oil (a sort of ‘orange-y’ smell) and white musk are what makes this candle one of my favorites.

Available from the Tom Dixon Website and Incu Australia


away (3)

An ‘Away’ Suitcase

‘Thoughtful Luggage for Modern Travel’ is the motto of this brand: multiple styles, sizes and even monogramming, Away is a luggage brand that I could get fly with (haha, get it?!). Coming in four sizes to suit every traveller…it even has a built-in USB charger which can charge an iPhone up to FIVE times and an iPad up to once! Plus, they come in a whole array of colours: who doesn’t want a millennial pink suitcase so you stand out from the carousel?!

Available from the Away Website 

Image supplied by Condé Nast Traveller from this post. 

FASHION (5).png

A Trip to Japan

Not exactly an impulse purchase or something that I can buy on a whim but my main goal for 2018 (and the biggest and most important purchase in my eyes) is going to Japan. My poor friends, family, and boyfriend have heard the words “I want to go to Japan” whilst squealing about the convenience stores, mochi and all things ramen. Mind you, I think they just want me to go so I can stop raving on about it.

I did travel to Japan when I was eleven with my parents, but it’s something about going as an adult now that my food palette has exemplified and my love for the Japanese fashion scene has grown. I studied Japanese for five years during high school, so I want to put those years (from what I can remember of it now!) to good use.   Nevertheless, it’s something that I have been planning for around two years now so I want to put that plan into action: watch this space!

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

hey, it's me!

I think that sums up all my purchases for this year! Let me know in the comments below (or on my instagram at @elizabethandher) what you are wanting as your top purchase picks for 2018!!


x Lizzie















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