Buku Cakery (Northcote)

This week I have hopped on the sunny another side of the CBD…to Northcote/Thornbury! Most commonly known for the ‘Welcome to Thornbury’ foodie truck park (which, by the way, is something to try whilst you’re here!) which features different food truck cuisines such as Greek, Burgers and even a Chilli Festival. Although I am a frequent visitor, I had yet to try the Vegan + Vegetarian Cakery across the road… until now!

Known for my lactose intolerance, which I am painfully flexible about (I still eat cheese and the stomach cramps are #real) but stepping into a cakery that serves ‘MYLKshakes’ and dairy free sweet treats is something I am not going to be complaining about two hours later! My two friends got the Salted Caramel Mylkshake and the Vanilla Creme Brulee, whilst I went for the Cocoa Mylkshake to try and reminisce about the days I could have Milo. I was a little bit peckish too, so I settled on a slab of banana bread to curb my hunger cravings. We were also fortunate enough to be gifted their newest creation to try out – the Cherry Ripe Mylkshake which (of course) tasted like a Cherry Ripe – yum!

Although I did not try any of their brunch delights, they feature a whole range of things (not everything being vegan – they do include butter and eggs in some of their recipes!) such as Winter Pavalova Porridge, Oven Baked Eggplant, Paprika Roasted Potato Salad and the classical Smashed Avocado. Looking at their drinks menu, Buku also serves up a range of Iced Teas, Frappés, Coffee and the most decadent array of Hot Chocolates that I have ever come across (including a Gingerbread one!).  The Buku Team also make Bespoke Cakes in-house for private events and functions, with my 21st coming up next year – they’ll be on my list for my birthday cake order!

The atmosphere is warm + friendly with a white tiled interior, a large lots of plants and exposed brick – it’s the perfect hideaway for a summer’s day in the sunshine.











 Let me know some of your favourite other cafès and restaurants in Northcote & the surrounds or your favourite vegan places in the comments!

x Lizzie






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