Auction Rooms Cafè

Hey, lovelies! It has been a while since I have done some foodie posts – so I have two coming your way! The first is Auction Rooms in North Melbourne, somewhat of a local spot for the Parkville & Carlton folk.

Auction Rooms has a miniature menu, with around seven/eight options for all-day breakfast and then three for lunch. Although they don’t make scrambled eggs (which is a miracle for most melbourne brunch places – as most of you would know, chilli scrambled eggs are my favourite!), they do fresh produce, which is what my friends Jas and I went for on the thirty-degree day last week!

First up, coffee! They use their own house blend and although getting my almond milk ice coffee wrong (five sips in and a taste test from Jas, we both concluded that it was milk… rip my lactose intolerance) although they were apologetic, so that was okay! Second iced coffee later, it was much needed and the blend was super interesting – not like any coffee I have had before. Jas got a batch brew (which apparently was really yummy!)

I had been to the gym that morning and was absolutely starving, so I went for the roasted pumpkin with a roasted chickpea salad which was delicious! I’m not really used to having a full vegetable spread for lunch, but it was not too heavy for a summers day. Jas had the fruit salad, which was a bunch of fresh summer fruits (including starfruit, grapes, raspberries, mango and peach) as well as some coconut sago + coyo yogurt!

The atmosphere is the whole “melbourne hipster vibe” – exposed brick, outdoor “beer” garden, lots of ferns + plants and funky lights! I like the rustic aesthetic and it suits the place well. Looking into North Melbourne, it doesn’t seem like there is a whole bunch of stuff to do, but it is a quick tram ride away from the city!

I probably wouldn’t venture here again (not for my stable chilli scrambled egg anyway!) but it is going to be one of my staple places to send people from overseas or interstate who want a feel of what Melbourne brunch spots are like in a new location that is not Brunswick, Fitzroy or the City!













Let me know if you have any favourite places in North Melbourne and the surrounds! I love to explore new places!

x Lizzie

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