Two Years.

It feels like yesterday when I was sitting in The Coffee Dispensary in Cheltenham and writing my year one blogpost. Today, we celebrate two years and let me tell you, many things have changed. For starters, I’ve moved back to Australia – a different state this time (Melbourne, for those that don’t know), started my degree which has been one of the best experiences of my life so far, have been exposed to brand new opportunities, signed a photographer (Geena Glass – see her portfolio here) , eaten a lot of damn food and tried a little bit harder fashion-wise. I think I am finally on the way to building a capsule wardrobe and that makes me extremely happiest gal alive….that also means half of my time is spent shopping on ASOS, Net-A-Porter & COS.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is the endless support from a whole range of people. Obviously starting with the people close to me: my partner (who, funnily enough, use to read my blog when we were friends!), my best friends (hey Jas & Elise!), my school friends who have read my blog for the two years, all the lovely blog friends that I have made from all around the world and of course, anyone who reads my blog, whether this is the first blog post you are reading, or you’ve been following since the beginning – thank you for reading the content that I put up every week (or not every week lol) – you are the reason I keep doing what I do and provide me with the inspiration to continue growing my content and improving, which is something that I want to keep doing in the years to come.

Lot’s of times if I am completely honest, I have been quite lost about content. In the next two years (and hopefully much, much more) I want to develop more of a niche style and finally finish that capsule wardrobe, post some more fashion-related content, eat a whole lot more smashed avocado, as well as trying some new cafés instead of going to the locals all the time (whoops).

As I said in my one year post, blogging is something that is so close to my heart and has provided me with a creative outlet that I would not have imagined a year ago, it’s incredible to see how much not only I have changed, but how my blogging friends have changed too.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me, lifted me up + read my posts.               Here’s to many more years of Elizabeth + Her.


x Lizzie


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