Higher Ground

Address 650 Little Bourke Street 
                                                           Melbourne Victoria 3000                                                             





Hello, everyone! As per usual, this week’s post is on yet another one of my favourite places – Higher Ground! Higher Ground, which they describe as ‘not quite a cafe, not quite a restaurant’ is both architecturally beautiful (it has won numerous awards for its design!) as well as serving some of the best brunches in Melbourne. Also under the same branch as some of my other favourite cafes (most notably, The Kettle Black which was featured in the Top Five Melbourne Brunch Spots) – I would say Higher Ground is probably the ~ fanciest ~ brunch I have been to….. and the most expensive.

They have a monthly menu, which means you have an excuse to come every month – as well as providing meals for breakfast, lunch + dinner (and cocktails!). Although I cannot judge the lunch/dinner options, the brunch is fantastic.

I went with my friend Tori (from Where Is Tori? – go and pop over to her blog and say hello!) – she had the ricotta hotcake with flowers, cream + seasonal fruit, which in this case was raspberries, blueberries and strawberries. I started with a coffee (whilst we waited in the line outside for twenty minutes… I suggest coming here early, especially on the weekend!) as well as the spiced heirloom scrambled eggs with cauliflower, broccoli and roasted chilli on homemade flat bread, which was absolutely delicious. I’m a big fan of chilli scrambled eggs, so it was really nice to have something a bit more luxe.

The coffee is one of my favourite blends (as per usual, I ordered an almond milk cappuccino!) and the takeaway cup is probably my favourite design in Melbourne. They also have V60, Batch Brew as well a selection of artisan teas, which I would have loved to try. The inside of the cafe (if you can, try and get a seat at the window!) has high ceilings and a really buzzing atmosphere, the staff are friendly and super helpful… you can definitely see why it has won so many awards!

On a side note – the photographer that does all their marketing is a genius and has such beautiful photography! Check out the gallery on their website as well.














Let me know if you check it out at my Instagram @elizabethandher!

X Lizzie

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