Podcasts: My Favourites.


Although I am a little late on the podcast bandwagon – during last month, I have been trying to steer away from music and more into listening. Despite having hating crime shows my whole life – for some bizarre reason – I have been drawn into a lot of crime/thriller (not as scary as it seems!) podcasts as well as a few more lighthearted ones. It’s pretty much how I spend my time on the tram nowadays, it keeps it more interesting (similar to listening to an audiobook!). I thought I would share my favourites – hopefully, this gives you some inspiration to get into listening to podcasts or to discover some new ones if you are a podcast lover.


Serial is an investigative podcast hosted by Sarah Koenig. Although it now has two seasons – I have only listened to Season One so far. I was about two years late to this podcast (meaning I was able to ‘binge listen’), however, it was released on a ‘weekly’ basis in 2014. Based on a true story (the whole series is) following the murder of an eighteen-year-old girl (Hae Min Lee) and follows the accusation and trial of Adnan Syed – in which he is deemed ‘guilty’. Koenig’s first season of the show brings in hard facts, interviews and case studies to try and reveal whether Syed was guilty. I would say this kicked off my love of podcasts and I found it super captivating to listen to.

You can find more information on the podcast here.



Similar to ‘Serial’ – Trace is another investigative crime podcast – although this one is an ongoing ‘week to week basis’ (on a Wednesday evening). Although I am finding it frustrating waiting every week, it is worth the wait. This podcast is a little bit closer to home (freaky!) following the murder of Melbourne bookshop owner, Maria James in 1980. It’s unusual and slightly unnerving to hear places that are so familiar to you being described via podcast (eg: places in Brunswick, the CBD etc). Not only does this give me an interesting history of Melbourne in the 80s and what living here was like, it also has chilling facts and captivating interviews with family members. I am enjoying this one, but waiting weekly for it to appear on my newsfeed is proving frustrating.

You can find more about Trace, here.  (Note: just as I posted this – a new episode went up!) 

I also found this interview with the journalist and producer of Trace on Vogue Australia – it’s super interesting and gives some good context + history to behind the making of the podcast and the research that goes into it.



On a bit of a lighter note – I have also been enjoying Arden Rose + Will Darbyshire’s podcast, Crash on My Couch. I watch both of their youtube channels (Arden) (Will) somewhat religiously, but I really love their podcast. Not only do they answer life advice and questions (on every topic imaginable, something that I really admire coming from their youtube background and how often things are glossed over) – but they also discuss topics that aren’t usually… discussed (for example, conspiracy theories). It’s a whole mash of stuff, mixed in with humor and a super cute couple! (plus, as weird as this sounds, they have really good ‘podcast voices’) – super entertaining and gives me a major break from all the thinking required in my thriller listens.

You can find more about Crash on My Couch, here.



Created by Honor Eastly (one of my favourite people ever! She’s so cool!!) – Staving Artist brings to light how creatives make money through interviews. As a creative, I not only find this interesting but she has such a good ‘podcast’ presence – although this podcast can be uncomfortable to listen to at times (talking about money is never fun!) – she debates what it ‘is’ to be a creative – the reality and looking towards the future. My favourite episode so far has been with Frances Cannon (the artist) but they are all equally as interesting and portray the Australia creative landscape (as well as crying over Instagram!). I’ve followed Honor since her other podcast, Being Honest with my Ex (a podcast with her ex-fiancee – what a brave soul!) – a podcast about relationships with her ex-finacee – very different to her current podcast, which I also love.

You can check out Starving Artist here.

Some interesting interviews about Honor and her work can be found here, here and here.


Finally, my last podcast on my favourite’s list is ‘At Home With….” – a podcast by Lilly Pebbles and Anna Gardner (now Newton) gives an intimate feel to celebrities, youtube stars, makeup artists in their homes, how they live and their daily lives. With names like Jo Elvin (Editor of Glamour UK), Lisa Elridge (Lancome) and Zoe Sugg (Zoella, Beauty Vlogger) – those who are interested in the beauty industry and creatives should give this a listen. Although the first season is over (rumour has it, there is a second season in the realm) – although they focus on their homes – for those that don’t know, interior design is one of my FAVOURITE things ever! I am so excited to deck out my own house/apartment/cute fitzroy flat one day with my two dachshunds and the smell of coffee 24/7…. but for now, I have this podcast.

You can find out more about the first season of At Home With… here 

Here is also a behind-the-scenes interview with INews with Lily + Anna which was interesting.



I hope that brings you some new podcasts! If you listen + love any of them – tell me on social at @elizabethandher or down in the comments below.

x Lizzie






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