Film Series: Part One.

Since I was young, I have only shot on DSLR or Digital cameras – so when I bought my film camera in London last year, needless to say – I was terrified. After biting the bullet (thanks to inspiration from one of my best friends – go and follow her instagram at @jasmineeskye (who is an expert at film)), I FINALLY got around to shooting my first roll. I sort of want to use this as a creative experiment – l am used to editing all my photos, I find it both exciting and nerve-racking as I let the camera do the work, rather than relying on taking a million photos – you have to get the perfect shot with film (something that I love!).

My first roll is nowhere near perfect – light leaks and grains, but I am happy with myself for actually taking photos (trust me – I was worried that I had taken a whole roll of film with no success!) – here they are!


(melbourne – july 2017)



(little bean, shanghai)



(the top of shanghai tower)



(the room with a view, shanghai)



(flower child cafe)



(my two favourite things)



(sydney cityscapes)



(australian fauna)



(my love)



(the boathouse, balmoral)



(coffee. the boathouse, balmoral)



(take away. flower child cafe)



(cat in the garden, sydney)



(avenue road cafe)

I can’t wait to learn more about film, get a better grip on my camera (and using cameras manually) as well as feeling the rush of adrenaline when I finally get a new roll of film back! Onto the next photography session…


x Lizzie

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