Flower Child Cafe (Chatswood Location)

Flower Child, a busy brunch spot in the heart of Chatswood brings a touch a similar vibe to that of ‘The Grounds of Alexandria’ to the suburbs. The café itself has both a take-away venue as well as the inner house ‘sit in’ – the line for the tables can be a bit of a hit or miss: I’ve had to wait up to fourty-fives minutes for a table, but C and I were lucky to be waiting for around ten (to be fair, it was eleven o’clock on a Tuesday).








I’ve had takeaway coffee from here many-a-time: it’s great. They use the ‘Grounds’ (Grounds of Alexandria/Grounds of the City) blend, which is earthy and quite strong for an almond cappuccino. They also have a case of sweet treats outside which look amazing as well. Apart from the regular coffee gift – they also have V60 Pour over batch brew, which is something that I am excited to try when I go to Flower Child next. Because it was past my ‘coffee o’clock’ (I can’t have coffee outside mid-day) I grabbed a almond hot chocolate (C grabbed a coffee!) and perused the menu: I’ve been here countless times to know that the French Toast and the Waffles are the major stars on the menu list. I grabbed the burger, whilst C had the lamb shoulder. Although I am not a fan of pickles – apart from that, the burger was one of the best I have had. It’s a classical ‘burger’ and it didn’t make me feel greasy afterwards (a bonus. The chips were also my favourite part!).









The aesthetics of the café are quaint and they make use of the limited space that they have – using both ‘outdoor’ (i.e: floating outside of the mall tables) as well as in the café itself – I’ve always had a spot in the café, although it is quite cramped. Paying homage to the name, there are copious amounts of plants in Flower Child, which I love. I would say this place is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has amazing food – so I would check it out!

x Lizzie

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