Film Series: Part One.

Since I was young, I have only shot on DSLR or Digital cameras - so when I bought my film camera in London last year, needless to say - I was terrified. After biting the bullet (thanks to inspiration from one of my best friends - go and follow her instagram at @jasmineeskye (who is [...]


Travel Diary 05 – Shanghai

Back at it again with traveling! It has been a serious while since I have posted a travel diary - the commute from Australia to ANY country is a long one, something that I miss about living in Europe last year. Nevertheless, I was fortunate enough to travel to Shanghai for just under a week [...]

Seven Seeds (Carlton)

Back at you with another foodie post! Today - Seven Seeds Coffee in Carlton. Tucked away in a little lane with graffiti (classic melbourne, amirite!) - Seven Seeds boasts a hefty brunch menu as well as specialty roasted coffee. Known for bringing in Melbourne University students for study hours (they have nice big tables and [...]