“The Mid-Year Crisis” (2017)

It’s that time of year again! Today not only marks the middle of the week, but we are OFFICIALLY halfway through 2017. Yikes. This is that moment that I promptly freak out and plan furiously for the next six months. Let’s talk through the last six months – a reflection, of sorts.

Although below, you will be run down of all the places I have eaten in for the past six months (trust me, there is a lot!) but also my general life – I’ve moved again (to my favourite city in the whole entire world) and have met and have the joy of cherishing ALOT of new people in my life. I am so lucky. and feel so truly truly blessed.

First of all – let’s do the rundown on food – people think I am a food blogger. oops. Keep in mind, this is over the span of six months (and some of these places, I only grabbed a coffee!). Pictured are my favorites.


  1. The Farm (Netural Bay)
  2. Acai Brothers (Neutral Bay)
  3. Felix (CBD)
  4. Mr Topper’s Toast Bar (Bondi)
  5. Lil Darling Darlinghust (Darlinghurst + Surry Hills)
  6. The Night Noodle Markets (Sake)
  7. August The Old Place (Mosman)
  8. The Art Bar (Museum of Contemp. Art, CBD)
  9. The Classic Cupcake Company (Mosman)
  10. Mecca (Alexandria)
  11. The Tea Room (White Rabbit Gallery)
  12. The Penny Royal (Mosman)
  13. The Cottage (Scone, NSW)
  14. Flower Child Cafe (Chatswood)
  15. Chef’s Gallery (CBD)
  16. Collective Coffee Roasters (Newtown)
  17. Brewtown Newtown (Newtown)
  18. Piccolo Me (Neutral Bay)
  19. Smoking Panda (CBD)
  20. Parisi (Bondi)
  21. Din Tai Fung (Chatswood)
  22. The Ground of Alexandria (Alexandria)
  23. The Grounds of the City (CBD)
  24. Bistro Moncur (Mosman)
  25. Kansas City Shuffle (The Rocks)
  26. Spice Temple (CBD)
  27. Avenue Road Cafe (Mosman)
  28. Elbow Room Espresso (Chatswood)
  29. Aqua S (CBD)
  30. Chiosco (Spit)
  31. Scroll’d (CBD)
  32. Everyday Canteen (Artarmon)


  1. Black Velvet Coffee (CBD)
  2. Chin Chin (CBD)
  3. Cupcake Central (CBD)
  4. SeouljaBoy (CBD)
  5. NitroLab (CBD)
  6. The Kettle Black (South Melbourne)
  7. Naked for Satan (Fitzroy)
  8. Winter Night Markets (QVM)
  9. Santoni (Hawthorn)
  10. Shanghai Street (CBD)
  11. Empress of China (CBD)
  12. Milkcow (CBD)
  13. Moby 3143 (Armadale)
  14. Yo-Chi (CBD)
  15. Fat Oma (CBD)
  16. Dex2Rose (CBD)
  17. Tsujiri (CBD)
  18. Maket Lane Coffee (CBD)
  19. Standing Room (Melbourne University)
  20. Rustica Canteen (CBD)
  21. Laneway Greens (CBD)
  22. £1000 Bend (CBD)
  23. Pillar of Salt (Richmond)
  24. Pidapipo (Carlton)
  25. Sir Charles (Brunswick)
  26. Hash Specialty Coffee Roasters (CBD)
  27. Higher Ground (CBD)
  28. Hardware Societe (CBD)
  29. White Mojo (CBD)
  30. Magic Mountain Saloon (CBD)
  31. Rosetta (CBD)
  32. 400 Gradi (CBD)
  33. Fitzroy Social (Fitzroy)
  34. Heartattack + Vine (Carlton)
  35. Wild Timor Coffee (Carlton)
  36. Poolhouse Coffee (CBD)
  37. Industry Beans (Fitzroy)
  38. Marion (Fitzroy)
  39. Huxtaburger (CBD)
  40. Shortstop Donuts (CBD)
  41. Seven Seeds (Carlton)
  42. Nuts about Ella (Brunswick)
  43. Critini’s (CBD)
  44. Proud Mary (Collingwood)
  45. The Vertue of the Coffee Drink (Carlton)
  46. Cumulus Inc. (CBD)
  47. Doughnut Time (Brunswick)
  48. Winter Night Market (QVM)
  49. Le Belle Miette (CBD)
  50. +39 Pizzeria (CBD)

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Carrying on with the life updated – I moved again! After living in London last year, I thought I would go a little bit closer to home, Melbourne. So far, it’s been the best experience of my life – my university course is everything that I have dreamed of (plus, it’s actually…fun (controversial, I know!) and the friends that I have made here have been wonderful. For once, I feel truly settled in a place (plus, Melbourne is so creative, it links to my artsy personality). I also started another long distance relationship (I know, I said that I wouldn’t get into one of those again… unless if it was for the right person) – I think this one is a keeper and long distance has been pretty okay so far, I mean – it’s not ideal, but you do those things for the ones you love the most. I also have made some of my closest friends – you know who you are, thank you for letting me into your life/lives. Shoutout to J (not only my media sister, but one of my closest friends in melbourne) and C (obviously, my designated brunch buddy and significant other) – you’ve made the last six months amazing.


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In terms of the rest of the year – I want to apply to more external magazines (I already write for my university one as well as my own blog!) and get my writing out there, create more lookbook content for my blog (It’s pretty foodie here right now!) as well as create video content (I am travelling a little bit, so I want to collate a video of my travels). I also want to get into snap photography – not going out with the intention to shoot something, so I can develop my editing skills a little bit more. Plus, I am about to start my new job and my new university courses for next semester – how exciting!! So far, that’s where I am heading for the next six months.

So far, that’s where I am heading for the next six months – let me know your plans in the comments or at my instagram @elizabethandher.

x Lizzie



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