My Top Five Brunch Spots in Melbourne

Although I love to do singular reviews of places – I want to share my top brunch spots in my favorite city in the world – Melbourne.

Although this is a hard one, those who know me often come to me for advice about the best places to go to – I’m known for my brunch advice at the college that I live in.

I eventually want to do single reviews on all of these places – but here are my thoughts so far and why I choose to go back to these places again and again and again.

The Kettle Black (South Melbourne)

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My first brunch expedition when I first moved here was The Kettle Black, located in South Melbourne (you can get off at Domain Interchange on the tram and walk!) – it’s a hot spot for bloggers and fashion favorites alike. Known for it’s ‘aesthetics’ and white walls + modern lighting, as well as killer brunch, The Kettle Black is probably at the top of my list for ‘expensive brunch’. I tend to splash out at TKB, just because I know it is worth the money. My friends had the classical ‘egg’ combination (eg: smashed avocado with poached eggs, eggs, and chorizo) but I opted for the charcoal wagyu beef burger which is probably one of the best I have ever had.  As usual, I also grabbed a cappuccino with almond milk – just as I suspected, it’s as good as the food.

The beef burger was served in individual strips (rather than being in a ‘beef pattie’ style) and it had siracha mayo, lettuce mix, and the famous ‘charcoal bun’. I can’t wait to go back here and try more of their dishes!

The only thing I would say about TKB is to be wary about weekends – it tends to be quite busy, so I would suggest going quite early or being prepared to wait for a bit… it’s so worth it!

Rustica Canteen (CBD, Fitzroy + Hawthorn) 


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Another one of my ‘second homes’ (if you follow me on Instagram you would often see me here!). Rustica is what I like to call “classic brunch” – tasty dishes that aren’t particularly ‘fancy’ but you are guaranteed to find something that you love.

I usually go for the chilli scrambled eggs with Juliette bacon and parmesan cheese (labeled the “chilli scrambled eggs”) and a soy cappuccino (they don’t have almond milk here) – it’s my cure for a rainy day and when I don’t know where to go – it’s a failsafe.

Pillar of Salt (Richmond) 

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I’ve been here on a number of separate occasions and I always want to come back for more. Not only does Pillar of Salt have a resident bulldog puppy (if you’re lucky – he’ll be roaming about!) but they also have a killer brunch! I’ve tried both the savory and sweet – personally, I prefer the savory (I feel like I have a ‘chilli scrambled egg’ theme going on here’) but I would recommend the pancakes if it is your first time at POS.

White Mojo (CBD)

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I would say this is more ‘experimental brunch’ – White Mojo is such an experience! Located on Hardware Lane – this white-washed and modern cafe serves interesting pairings and something that I have would not have imagined. Not only does this place make black lattes (so Melbourne, am I right?) and a croissant burger, but they make an amazing waffle masterpiece that I ordered which was amazing (The “Sweet and Sour Waffle” – Nutella frosting, lemon curd, strawberry gel, seasonal gel (in this case, it was mango and raspberry) and waffle cone.

Industry Beans (Fitzroy)

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My final brunch spot is ‘hipster melbourne’ – probably the most Melbourne brunch I have had; coffee rubbed wagyu beef with polenta chips. It was actually named the ‘Best Boutique Coffee Roaster’ in Melbourne. Adjacent to the Rose Street Markets (so you can pop in and check out the art on a Sunday!), they have a range of foods (ranging from acai bowls, zucchini fritters to larger dishes such as burgers, lemongrass beef salad etc.). The wait can be long for this one too – we ordered a coffee whilst we waited – try and get there early to avoid the crowds.

Let me know if you try any of these places and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @elizabethandher for more brunch spots!

x Lizzie


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