Winter Blues: A Chat.

For starters – let me say, I am no health professional, so take my advice with a grain of salt. With exam period coming up and winter coming up in the Southern Hemisphere, I thought I would share some of my favourite tips for battling ‘winter blues’ – whether this is anxiety surrounding exams or just wanting a Friday night to relax – I’ve got you covered.

Unwind     For me, I feel like relaxing – especially after a past week usually starts with unwinding for me – whether that be taking a lush bath or coloring in my “Lost Forest” coloring book (it’s a really good anti-anxiety trick!). Usually, I start with a lush bath (treat myself to a really nice bath bomb), chuck on one of my favourite television shows and zone out.

Turn the Lights Out  My favourite way to relax is actually turning on my fairy lights, which sit around my bed – there is something serene about sitting in total darkness with fairy lights!

Drink Tea   I am also a big advocate for tea – especially at night. I am a coffee drinker at heart (those who follow me on Instagram at @elizabethandher would know this very well), however, when I am stressed, I enjoy having a cup of tea and curling up in bed, putting on my favourite show (I just finished GirlBoss).

Treat Yo-Self  When I am feeling down, I tend to make myself my favourite meal (I am a sucker for Asian food so anything with dumplings, noodles etc), curl up with a magazine or a book – I recently bought myself Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur and i’ve really been enjoying it so far!

Watch Something My other thing to do when I am not feeling one-hundred-percent is watch something that I enjoy! Whether this be a film that I know I love or a channel on youtube that is comedy related – I feel like watching something that I have already watched (predicitibility) is something that I enjoy.


Also, exciting news guys – not only will I have more time to blog after next week BUT I will also be launching my youtube videos where I will be uploading vlogs, travel vlogs, challenges etc – how exciting!

x Lizzie

(also thank you to the beautiful Jasmine Wallis (@genzine // @jasmineeskye) for taking the feature photo on her film camera – go and chuck her a follow on her instagram above and check out her website here )




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