Vile Bodies: The Exhibition

Two weeks ago, I was lucky enough to wiggle my way over to Chippendale for a little adventure (and a shoot!) at the Vile Bodies Exhibition, located at the White Rabbit Gallery. The White Rabbit Gallery had been on my list of “to – do’s” in Sydney for a while and seeing I am relocating, I thought I would finally tick it off my list.

The gallery itself is based on 21st Century Chinese Art, very fitting for the Lunar New Year in January. It’s a super tiny gallery with three small rooms and a teahouse attached (that has killer handmade dumplings.. I mean).  The gallery has an open section on the bottom floor (the same floor as the teahouse) with unique hanging bodies from the ceiling. My favourite room, however, was unavailable to photograph because it was a reflective floor and walls – the artist playing with the refractions of light as art. I loved it (for those who follow me on instagram, you would have seen me vlog this – go and follow me at @elizabethandher)!

After roaming around the two floors, I decided to have some green tea and dumplings at the teahouse, which was amazing – some of the best tea I have ever had. Don’t even talk to me about the chicken coriander dumplings…. they’re handmade by the chef at the teahouse and so worth the trip!

Although Vile Bodies has now ended, I can’t wait to come back to Sydney and see the next installation in September.



















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