So, This is the End?

I’d like to talk about a topic that has been on my mind lately and that is the word and subject of quitting. For me, this word always has had negative connotations. When I resigned from my job in the UK, I spoke to a mutual friend of mine, who replied with “oh yeah, someone told me you quit your job”.

Sure, I did “quit” my job but I left for a very specific reason – my mental health.

For me – I freed myself of something that was causing me stress – so the word ‘quitting’ made me feel uneasy because I was leaving something that would alleviate stress from my life – I was gaining something, not losing something.

I don’t know exactly where I want to head with this ramble, but I am moving interstate in a couple of weeks and that is something that I am not going to ‘quit’. I was moving for a specific reason and when those plans fell through – lots of people said to me “oh? are you still going to move, despite what has happened?” and yes, yes I am. Because if I didn’t, that would be quitting because I am basing the slim chance of running into a couple of people (and person) as the major dictator in my future. I honestly could not quit on myself, whether or not that means that I will run into a couple of people (that wouldn’t be fair on myself, to be honest!) or not! And of course, my university course being one of the best out there for media and communications.

There has been one major time where blogging has just gotten too much and I have thought about quitting – don’t worry, I am here to stay!

Life is the toughest challenge but it is so worthwhile when you surround yourself with people you love.

Have you ever wanted to quit something but you persevered? Tell me in the comments!

x Lizzie





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