Top 5 Books of 2016

Hello, lovely internet people! Although it is almost half way through Jan, I thought I would share my top five books of twenty sixteen. Long overdue, I know.

Although I still need to get back into a regular reading pattern (I was a massive reader as a kid!) – one of my new years’ resolutions is to read more, even if it’s chapter a day. I am currently reading ‘Big Little Lies’, it’s an Australian thriller that is actually becoming a television series later in the year. It’s pretty juicy, so it’s easy to get stuck into. However – I’d like to talk about the five books that I managed to sink my teeth into over the year that passed, some of which I think will be in my life for a long time.


“The Dress Thief” – Natalie Meg Evans 




I actually started the year off with this book. I have no idea where I bought it from – but the thriller actually reminded me of another book that I had read (I think it was called “The Heist”?). I won’t give too much away, but the story centers around Alix Gower – a Parisian born socialite who aspires to become a fashion designer, however, she steals popular fashion designs and replicates them for the foreign market. Of course, this wouldn’t be a favourite if there wasnt any romance involved, so, naturally, there is a love story in this one too.

“A Sentence a Day” (Kikki K) 





This isn’t really a book, as such, but something that I have written in for the last three years. I was gifted this by one of my friends in 2015. 2017 is my final year of writing in this book and it is really interesting to see how much I have changed over the past three years, hence why it is in my favourites. Although keeping record also has the tendency to pull up unwanted memories from the last two years- I can appreciate how much I have changed as a person and what hasn’t. I’ll be buying myself a fresh one a the end of this year, for sure.


“Eighteen Years” – Madisen Kuhn






Now for any of you who follow me regularly, or on any social media for that matter – you know how obsessed I am with this book. Honestly, Madisen Kuhn captures everything I want in poetry. Her raw and honest poetry encompasses love and loss – capturing the essence of relationships perfectly. I ‘doggy ear’ the pages of the books regularly and change them up depending on my situation. The pages on my book are highlighted and written all over (apart from the ones I photographed, naturally). Madisen and I actually talk on twitter quite a bit actually (I fangirl e.v.e.r.y time) – I actually read this book every single day after I wake up as a sort of “pick me up”. I also love Laura Supnik’s design on the front – I want her to design my tattoo when she takes customs again later in the year.

“Maestra” – L.S Hilton



I am trying to get more into thrillers over the last year and a bit, so I thought Maestra was a natural place to start. Maestra won numerous awards and labeled itself as the “Fifty Shades of Grey in the 1990s” by many. Although this is not for the faint-hearted (or those who can’t handle explicit sex scenes), the writing style was eloquent and the thriller element was captivating. The amount of research that Hilton put into Art History for the book was astounding and really shows the life of women in that time. Maestra centers around Judith Rashleigh, who works in a London auction house – at night, she works in one of London’s raunchiest bars and she stumbles across a conspiracy in the auction house surrounding art copying and fraud.


“This Modern Love” – Will Darbyshire 






And, finally, to conclude. This Modern Love was one of my favourite books of this year – Will (Will Darbyshire, for those who do not know him off Youtube) invited his readers/subscribers/anyone to submit love letters, letters of heartbreak, photos, quotes to his book. This Modern Love is broken up into three parts – the life cycle of a relationship; beginning, middle and end. I’ve included my two favourite submissions from the book, and those two that resonate with me most profoundly.

Fun Fact: I actually submitted my love letter to this book last year – now I am half thankful it didn’t make the cut. The original, hand- written note is probably in a box somewhere now, but pouring out your feelings is very therapeutic and it’s sort of cool that Will read all of them! (note: I submitted via Tumblr, but I hand wrote the note out as my original draft)


x Lizzie







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