A Toast to 2016.

2016. You have been utterly horrible.

Sorry for the downer there. Although I have the tendency to share (some, not all) of my personal life on here, I will keep it short and sweet. There are many reasons why I have now labeled 2016 as “the worst year of my life”, but heading into 2017, I want to think of it as a growing experience. One very big (very emotional)… learning experience.

Here’s a run down of what I label as “the year of growing” presented by yours truly.

Moving overseas is tough, especially at 18. Although this came with some hardships (I want to speak more about mental health & depression in the new year and my experience), this has 100% made me a stronger person. I was fortunate enough to counteract some of this with travel, something that I love.

I was in a long distance relationship. Never doing that again. (well, I would – for the right person, don’t rule it out just yet.). I’ve been shattered by the people who (I thought) loved me the most and realised that in the blink of an eye, you can become strangers with someone. They may no longer read this, but I forgive you and I understand, even if it means losing what we had.  Time really is the greatest indicative of healing. Honestly, I literally have overcome hurdles and thought to myself “can this year REALLY get any worse?” and lo-behold, it does. But then it also gets better. In the last week, I signed a deal with my dream photographer for new blog photos and potentially (eek)  writing for some (known) magazines in Jan.

Although I say this year has been a growing experience…surprise – there were also some good bits too. I drank a lot of coffee….and champagne. I celebrated one year on here (here’s to many more!). I spent money at LUSH for nice bath bombs. I bought myself a ton of flowers (as I write this, I have some on order today). I spent time with friends. Ate a lot of good food. Travelled. Made new friends (I’m looking at you, Robin!). Began exercising again. And most importantly, I survived 2016.

Here’s a toast to 2017. Let’s make it better than this year. I don’t know about you, but I plan to drink more coffee (and champagne.) and focus on myself.

If you don’t know, I am taking a break for a while to relaunch and refocus. Don’t worry, I will be back in the new year with a brand new layout and a fresh mindset – you can still hop over to @elizabethandher on Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter to see what fun I get up to.

Thanks for sticking around.

x Lizzie







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