October Favourites

I am back! I have been working and interning – it’s a busy life for me! However, I am just trying to work out my new blogging schedule (and potential youtube videos whoop!) so bear with me for a while as I manage to work around during this hectic time…

‘The Priceline Sale’ (Revlon/Rimmel/Australis)

I grabbed some stuff from the Priceline 40% off sale in the final week of October – I am a happy gal with her purchases! I got some more of the Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolours (I already own Seduction) however, I thought I would take advantage of the sale and pick some up at a lower price.  I got four more shades; Infatuation, Seduction, Embrace and Addiction; two nude shades and two cooler darker shades. I also purchased the Australis Drops in White (so I can change my darker foundations during winter when I loose my tan!), a Maybelline Tattoo colour in Creamy Beige and a Revlon nail polish in the colour Romantique. Although these were purchased at the end of October, I have managed to get a little bit of use from them – I am loving them all so far.















NARS Illuminator in Copacabana

As far as the whole ‘famous Instagram trend’ goes – I think highlighting has to top it this year. I actually received this highlighter (Nars Illuminator in Copacabana) from one of my dearest friends as a Christmas present last year and I haven’t gotten around to using it until earlier this month (I know, crazy right?!) – I am absolutely in love. Although I would tend to purchase powder highlighters – the liquid texture allows a fuller finish and an added shine, something I appreciate when I want my cheekbones to stand out. A little goes a long way with this product, so I can see myself using this for a very long time!





Lush Products (Brand, Various Products) 

The other thing that I had fallen in love with in October was Lush bath bombs. Once a week, I try and have a bath – read my book, watch some Netflix – it’s my favourite relaxation ritual. I love the rainbow ones, the ones pictured (and that I am yet to use) are Intergalactic, The Experimenter and Fizzbanger. However, I have also used Sakura, Golden Egg and Sex Bomb this month!









Soap & Glory (The Brand, Various Products)

One of my favourite brands this year has been Soap & Glory, which, unfortunately, is not available in Australia. I really have been loving the Sugar Crush range (I have the body scrub), which reminds me of apple and lime candies. I have been using The Breakfast Scrub for numerous years now (this is my fourth tub!), it actually reminds me of a sugary kids breakfast cereal (the oatmeal and honey kind… kinda like cheerios!) – it’s super refreshing. After scrubbing all my worries away, I like to finish it up with the Righteous Butter; a non-greasy and light formula that moisturises my skin, especially after a long week.











The Body Shop Cleanser in Mango 

The next one is a bit weird, but it is one of my favourites for this month. I actually love using this body wash as my brush cleaner! It’s antibacterial and natural properties sanitise my brushes and the mango smell is so lovely. I got it in a christmas set last year and I needed something quickly to wash my brushes (my other cleaner was out) – so I just grabbed this from my top shelf and tada! A new favourite!



And that is it, folks! I’ll be back next week (back on the blogging schedule!) with a new and exciting post!

x Lizzie


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