One Year.

On this day in 2015 – I decided to start ‘Elizabeth and Her’ (after much deliberation, anxiety and nerves). I had been considering blogging since I was about 15 after stumbling across Chessie ( – although she is a year younger than me, she was one of my first inspirations to start blogging – if she could do it, why couldn’t I! From there, I developed into makeup artistry and used the blogosphere to research my favourite products so I was able to find a bunch of new bloggers that way.

I had been thinking about blogging for so long but I never had the courage to – constantly making up excuses; “I’ll do it when I am in London”, “I’ll do it when I graduate”, “I’ll do it… eventually”. But on the 11th of October, during the middle of my final exams (sorry mum!) I decided to post my October Favourites.

And “Elizabeth and Her” was born!!

This week’s blog-post is a short one, but a much needed one –

thank you.

Thank you for the endless and supportive tweets, follows & comments both here on my blog and on my social medias.

Thank you to the friends who I have made through blogging, particularly all the gals in the Collab Squad  (love you all) and Blogging Society (the fact I am even included in a wondrous group of such influential women in the blogging community is beyond me.)

and thank you to you, reading this. Whether it is the first time, or you’re a regular – thanks for letting me into your world!

Blogging is something so close to my heart, I hope I am able to continue way into the future.

Much love,

X Lizzie

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