Celebrity Status: The Age of Idolization


My whole life, I have been surrounded by celebrity idolization and falling in love with television shows and television personalities with their ‘picture perfect’ life and over the last six months – I decided to stop idolising celebrities and big personality figures in the media (with the selection of a few).

Don’t get me wrong –  I do enjoy sitting down on a Sunday, with a big bowl of tuna pasta and watching the Keeping Up with The Kardashians (sometimes my stress level regarding life is as large as Kim losing her diamond earring in the ocean…). However, I have noticed that some people in my life… really idolise them.

I remember having a discussion with some of my friends about reality television and big personality stars and their response made me really stop and think about the impact of the media in their lives;


 “oh, they have such a perfect life, I mean – they have no hardships, money is just handed to them on a silver platter”


“I wish my life could be like theirs”


“Imagine just having that perfect life – so carefree, just roll up in your matte black range rover and go and get a smoothie”


Now, I am not saying anything is wrong with that lifestyle – if you have the money, sure, go ahead and treat yourself, buy the matte black range rover and release makeup lines (if I ever got the chance to release a makeup line, trust me – I would jump at the chance!). I just think the idolization and the comparison are what gets me fired up.

Of course, personalities and major celebrities are people – they suffer hardships and some celebrities have openly talked about their struggles with mental health, take Demi Lovato, for example. Demi has openly spoken about her struggle with bulimia, depression and self-harm and how seeking treatment is something that should be a priority regarding those issues (in this case – I think Demi is doing the right thing here, she has quite a young target audience (or she once did) and lots of those individuals may be struggling!).

The point I am trying to make, I suppose, is that the admiration of celebrity figures is all good and well but many people do not stop and admire the people in your own life. Guarantee, there are so many people in your life who you know personally that are worth admiring and celebrating more than a celebrity.

My best friend, for example, broke her wrist skateboarding in numerous places about three years ago. She has undergone numerous surgeries (I think she is up to about 3 or 4 now) and will have the pin and metal plates holding her wrist for the rest of her life. She has a scar to prove it (makes a good topic of conversation – she would joke to people and say she was bitten by a shark *laughs*) and is constantly experiencing physical pain from the injury. Nevertheless, she powers on with life and it does not stop her from writing (unluckily for her, its the hand she writes with) and is currently studying Nursing at university…so she can help people. She still runs and exercises and let me tell you, her salads and healthy food is out of this world (I am trying to convince her to make an account for her food creations… hopefully this convinces her!). There are also so many people in my life that I admire and am proud of for so many different reasons (millions of reasons, might I add) but I think the most important one (as cheesy as it sounds) is admiring yourself; something I have only done whole-heartedly until very recently.

For me, the age of idolisation is over. Whether or not this is because I am getting older, I won’t know. For now, I’ll stick to watching Keeping Up with Kardashians on a Sunday and leaving the admiration to the people who I can sit across and laugh with, cappuccino in hand, on a Saturday morning.


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