Porto Di Ripetta (Rome)

















Porto Di Ripetta is a restaurant located in Rome, Italy. The meaning of the name “Porto Di Ripetta” was originally a port on the banks on the River Tiber that was built in 1704. The restaurant itself is quite big (and does not have outside seating if that is something you look for) and I think the food is somewhat reasonably priced.


I really enjoyed the food here! I had the lobster pasta (thanks for paying, Dad!) and my parents had prawn gnocchi and prawn linguine, which they said was delicious. I managed to snag one of their prawns, which was lovely. I actually had one “bad prawn” (I got sick) when I was about 12 and I haven’t been a major fan of them unless I scrutinise them… but I think I have jumped back on the bandwagon *cheers*. Although my lobster pasta was not fully cleaned out, I worked my way through it. Personally, I prefer crab, although it is fiddly-er than lobster. But I’ll take both…

The one thing I always notice about Italians is that they eat their food REALLY late. Like lunchtime for me would be about mid-day back home and here it is 2PM or even later than 4PM! So once one very hungry Lizzie had devoured all her lobster pasta… of course, dessert!

We ordered the Panna Cotta (a creme-jelly like cake, that usually tastes of vanilla) and the Tiramisu (personally, my favourite Italian dessert, coffee cake with cream). Although I am might bias to the Tiramisu, which I preferred, to be honest, the Panna Cotta was just as nice.


Although the restaurant was quite big, the service made it feel quite small. We sat at the front which made it feel quite cosy. If you were sitting at the back part of the restaurant, I feel as if you would be disconnected to everything that was happening.

The service, itself, was okay. Mains took around 20/25 minutes and dessert took around 30, which took me by surprise (the fact that dessert took longer than mains).

If you’re around Rome – check it out! I would probably get the prawn gnocchi next time and I would recommend the tiramisu.

x Lizzie


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