August Favourites

*swoons* check out this new lense guys! This is 100% my favourite (even though it is attatched to my camera!)

This is probably my favourite…. well, favourites so far! Whilst in Rome – I have access to natural lighting and a white wall which makes me a very happy blogger! Without further ado, there are my favourite things that I have been loving in the month of August.


Adidas ‘Ultra Boost’ Shoes (All Black)





I have heard so many different things about these shoes from so many different people (most of the people that I know wear these for athletic purposes or for lifestyle wear). My other Nike shoes which I had for about four or five years (they were pink and for athletic only *laughs*) finally wore out last month so I decided to finally take the plunge and see what everyone was talking about. Boy, had I wish I had gotten these earlier! I describe the feeling as “walking on clouds” as the super plush ultra boost technology sole of the shoe provides slight “bounce” to your walk. I am known for being flat footed and a ‘heavy footed runner’ so these shoes are perfect for me as it forces me to stay light on my toes when I am running. I went for black/black shoes as I felt as if they would be able to be paired with more things (such as shorts and leggings) but they come in a wide range of colours.

Road to Awe (RTA) Denim Shorts 






My (ever-so cheeky) dog ate my last pair of denim shorts so when I popped over to the UK, I knew that I needed another pair for summer. I wanted a pair, however, that would last me a while and I knew was high-quality denim (like the brand Levi’s for example, which I have had in the past). I found these shorts from Road to Awe which I love because they are high waisted. Although I have not been a fan of high-waisted shorts in the past, these cut at the right length that they are not too short and not too long. The distressing at the front also make a really unique touch and adds a touch of grunge to any outfit.


Skincare and Makeup 

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Fair)






I think I have already mentioned this in another favourites post but I am going to mention it again because it is And I have been using it every day for the last year (different bottles, of course) and I can give a better opinion on it now. As you can tell from the bottle, it is very (very) well loved. This concealer seems to cover everything – redness, spots, dark circles – you name it, it can cover it. I love this concealer in particular for my under eyes because it does not crease over time like some other brands are notorious for! The only downfall with this concealer is that it comes in three shades, so you are limited on options – but light can take me through from winter (where it matches perfectly) to summer (where it is a little bit too light, but can work well as a sort of ‘highlighting’ concealer). Lasts 6+ hours, dependant on the weather and is inexpensive.

Origins ‘Checks and Balances’ Frothy Face Wash




I have already done a full review of this lovely product in my summer skincare routine (check it out here: Summer Skincare Routine  ) – it deserved another mention in my favourites for being a wonderful product. I am pretty sure this has saved my skin this summer – lightweight, frothy creme that is perfect for sensitive skin like mine for everyday use. It has now become a staple in my skincare routine.

Bobbi Brown ‘Pretty Powerful’ Palette 




Dusty from lots and lots of love – this palette was my OG holy grail back when I was younger (although you probably should not keep makeup this long – whoops!). It is always my travel palette because it has basic colours that suit blue eyes; copper, a light brown, a dark mahogany and an off white, which means this palette can turn your eye look from day to night. It also comes with a (very) pink blush – I will only use this on the occasion and it is usually during winter. I haven’t really touched the lip glosses and the lip creme for a while, but I tend to go towards the darker berry red if I want a stain for a night out. I do not think they sell this palette anymore, but it is still one of my favourites!




And after the makeup process is done – time to remove it! I have been using these makeup wipes for about four or five years now. They actually stopped making them in the UK, so I had to get my parents to send me three packets of these to keep me going. Although they say it is a ‘refill pack’, I have not seen any packets larger than these ones. This makeup remover tends to remove the super stubborn waterproof eyeliner that I wear (including the infamous Benefit’s “They’re Real” Mascara which is known for being so hard to get off after a night out) and is perfect for sensitive eyes/skin. With these, it only takes me 5 minutes (a little bit more if I am taking off waterproof mascara) to remove my makeup fully, making the process a whole lot shorter! If I am feeling super lazy or return home late at night, I will remove my makeup with this and wash my face in the morning, surprisingly, my face does not break out which is always a good sign.

Food and Snacks

Alpro ‘Vanilla’ Soy Yogurt



Ironically, I am currently sitting here writing this in the land of dairy – cheese on pizza, cheese on pasta, milk in gelato. Also, ironically…. I am lactose intolerance (to a certain degree). If I can avoid dairy, I will (for the discomfort *stomach cramps are not fun at all*) so I opted for some vanilla soy-based (dairy free/lactose free) alternative. I really like Alpro as a brand, they also have little tubs with flavours like peach, mango, strawberry, passionfruit and blueberry which are handy for on-the-go or quick breakfasts. However, seeing I lived in Rome for a number of weeks, I decided to opt for this one as it was a bigger tub and I could add some fresh fruit for breakfast or have it plain. I tend to avoid soy as a female (not good for your hormone levels) but I figured every once in a while should be o.k!

Hollinger Mango Juice






Okay! Another weird favourite but I have been really loving mango nectar lately! I am always a big fan of Australian mangoes, but seeing I am here in Europe – I do not have access to anything ripe or juicy. I guess this is the next best thing, right?                                    I really like this particular brand because they take the pulp out (ie: it is not stringy) so its super easy to drink. I feel like this type of juice would go excellent in a smoothie as it is quite thick, so I only have to drink a little bit (probably as much as what is in that small glass) to feel satisfied and quenched.

Lindt ‘Dark Chocolate Mint’





*raises hand* I am lactose intolerant, but I will make an exception for Lindt mint dark chocolate. It’s true! Out of all of the Lindt Lindor chocolate range, this one has to be my favourite. I get my dark chocolate love from my dad and putting this block in the fridge was one of my best decisions. The mint is not super powerful, but the dark chocolate is bitter so they complement each other quite well!


This year is going by so fast! I cannot believe it is nearly Christmas!

x Lizzie



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