Summer Skincare Routine

I am more of a winter person myself but I do love summer because I feel as if I can go lighter on the skincare. I tend to use heavy creams + balms in the winter as my face needs more moisture (combo skin life) however, in summer – I tend to stick to scrubs + foamy face cleansers.

I have been really into Origins skincare (I wish I could say this was sponsored, but it is not *laughs*)  – I popped into Boots before I left on my two month adventure around Europe and I thought the gift sets were the perfect travel size. I bought the ‘Checks and Balances Facewash’ separately, but everything else was in the Summer Giftset.

It also has given me some opportunity to try out some of the products that I have been wanting to test out for a while! Nothing beats trying out new things in summer, one of my favourite things.


‘Checks and Balances’ Facewash



I have been wanting to try this cleanser for a really long time and I decided to break the bank a little bit and go for it. I am really glad that I did – it has now become a staple in my everyday skincare routine (not just for summer!). You only need a little bit (I use about 1/3 of a 5c piece) because it becomes really foamy as soon as it hits water…. which makes it feel really luxurious on your skin. It doesn’t really have a scent, which I do not mind as my skin is quite sensitive. So far, this is one of the few cleansers that my skin has agreed to this year! I also couple this with the GinZing Scrub Cleanser (not pictured because it was in the shower when I was taking these photos *sob*).


‘GinZing’ Moisturiser 




I have never really done the whole ‘moisturise during summer’ thing before, I usually leave it for winter when it’s noticable that my skin is dry.

However, it is just as important to make sure you skin is hydrated + silky during the summer as it is during the winter months. I didn’t realise how much of a difference it makes until I started using this moisturiser for the last month or so. The tub is also quite small (the only downside) so I only use this on my cheeks (my T zone is combination so I do not need it there) but I feel that it has made my skin more refreshed. This one (as well as the scrub) smells of oranges, which is also super summery – I love it!



I have also never used a serum in my life before apart from this summer. I was always under the impression that serums were something that I would use when I was a bit older, but its never too early to start taking care of your skin. Serums are really helpful for repairing your skin (another reason why I started using it in summer) and all the makeup and sunlight during the day allows my skin to re-fresh.


Another thing I love to do in summer is face masks… actually make that all the time! I have used a bunch of brands in terms of face masks (my other brand favourites were Sukin, Biore and Formula 10.0.06) and I was really interested to try this one out. The bottle itself is tiny, which only means I can squeeze a really, really small bit at a time if I want to continute using it for a while. Although both the mask and the serum are meant to be rose infused, I feel as if the mask is stronger scented than the serum – either way, they are both lovely. The mask dries quite quickly and manages to clear my skin out from all the winter months (a benefit and a curse).



I keep all my skincare in this little pouch that I bought from Primark! It came in a set of three but I only use two (the larger one, for my things like my toothbrush/toothpaste, makeup, hair ties, hairbrush etc.) and this one for my skincare. I can manage to fit other things like my travel-sized shampoo and my Simple Eye Makeup Remover in here too which I did  not mention in this post. It is made of quite durable plastic and fastens with a sturdy zip, which means it is easy cleaning and very versatile for taking on flights!


x Lizzie




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