Cloud Coffee + Gallery

Location: Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Known for: the best cookies I have ever tasted in my life

I recommend: The cappuccino (with almond milk) and any of the cookies




Phone Number: 020 358 35 74



I went to Amsterdam in March last year and I totally fell in love with the city. Usually, before I go to a city, I like to check out the best restaurants, cafes (coffee) and main things to do – so I feel more at home. If I do the research, I know I will be getting value for my money and a really good meal/coffee/day out. The first time I stumbled across Cloud Coffee + Gallery, I fell in love with  coffee and the cookies. Seriously, you ask anyone of my favourite place in Amsterdam for coffee and I will point them in this direction (the other being Screaming Beans in the centre of town). I really like the vibe of this place too – the artwork on the wall is changed monthly. This month, it was an exhibition by Angelica Tulimiero called “In Deeper” which represents passion and obsession through intricate pieces.

The coffee at Cloud Coffee + Gallery is really well done. Although it is a bit on the stronger side (cappuccino, as those who have been reading my posts, will know very well) – they also have most things on the menu in terms of coffee (apart from Mochas! They don’t really exist in Holland) and other drinks, like lemonade. My favourite part of Cloud Coffee, however, is the cookies. Seriously. I dragged my friends 20 minutes out of the way to try these cookies! Last time, I had ginger but I decided to opt for White Chocolate this time around, which was a good choice. The cookie was crumbly and was almost as big as my face, which was delightful. The cookie had really big chunks of white chocolate and was the perfect ratio in terms of sweetness. 100% a winner from me – one very happy gal in Amsterdam.















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