The Coffee Dispensary

Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire (“The Midlands”)

Known for: Artisan Coffee, aesthetically pleasing interior and the nicest staff!

I recommend: The cappuccino (with oat milk) or the Dark Chocolate Mocha & the oreo blondie! 


Instagram: @the_coffee_dispensary

Facebook: ‘The Coffee Dispensary’

Twitter: @Coffeedispenser

Telephone: 01242 260597

I feel like this blog post is REALLY overdue. Mostly for the fact that I visit here around three times a week for my coffee fix (no shame) and I would say 70% of my blog posts have been written from here (thank you for providing me with wifi guys – you’re amazing!). If I could live here, I would – I always joke that I am going to set up a tent in the corner and camp out *laughs*.

I honestly cannot fault this place – the staff, the atmosphere and, of course, the coffee is top standard. I really do not understand why people have the desire to go to some of the big coffee chains when this is up the road.

I’ll start with the atmosphere; rustic, instagram-worthy + totally cute – it is super homely. Not to mention the music choice in here is excellent – it is right up my alley. The coffee (no matter who is your barista) is really well done. I can’t speak for the black coffee, but the cappuccino’s and mochas are incredible, hence why half of my Instagram feed comes from here.  They import all their beans independently + there is a really big range of choice (practically everything you can think of) – they even make Chilli Mochas! I have tried most of the sandwiches but my favourite is the Falafel & Hummus one, they also sell panini’s and a range of breakfast foods (as well as cold drinks). All the sweet treats are supplied by Hetty’s Tea Party (another local brand) and if I am in early on a Saturday morning, she comes in with the newest load of warm goodies from the oven – swoon. My fave is the Oreo Blondie, but the cakes are equally as good.

The Coffee Dispensary was actually once a pharmacy (hence, the name – how clever is that!). Apart from being able to purchase the beans that they use, they also sell equipment and a range of other goods so you can try your hand at making coffee at home. They even hold ‘cupping’ classes on the occasion, something I am yet to try – but I hopefully will at some point!

















x Lizzie

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