June/July Favourites

This is the last ‘traditional’ favourites for a while as I am travelling around Europe for the next two and a half months – so all my favourites after this are going to be travel related (yippee!!). Although I did not have the chance to try out any major new products, I did, however, I did try a heap of new snacks which I thought I would write about!

“Reasons to Stay Alive” by Matt Haig 

AUD – $24

GBP – £8




I am one for self-help books – I find them really interesting + the topics explored really versatile. For one, Matt Haig describes his battle with depression and anxiety from the age of 24 to 36. Everyone will have some connection to someone with depression once in their life; whether it is an own personal battle or the battle a loved one is fighting. Haig writes such a lovely memoir to remind those people fighting that they are not alone. It was a really, really interesting read and I would totally recommend it.

https://www.theguardian.com/books/2016/jan/31/reasons-to-stay-alive-matt-haig-review-depression      ( this is a really good review of the book!)

NAKD Bar in Cocoa Orange

AUD – $1.50 (approx.)

GBP – £1.00 (depends where you get them from)




Nakd bars are one of my favourite brands of ‘healthy snack’ – NAKD have a whole bunch of different flavours (more in the UK than in Australia, for sure) including Cashew Cookie, Berry Delight, Bakewell Tart, Cocoa Delight, Caffe Mocha and Gingerbread, just to name a few. My favourite one by far is the Cocoa Orange – it is totally vegan/dairy free and tastes like a Terry’s Chocolate Orange… but way better for you!


Clif Bar in ‘Chocolate Almond Fudge’ 

GBP – prices vary (approx £2)

AUD – prices vary (approx $3-$4)



Apart from NAKD Bars – Clif Bars are also one of my favourites! I use to take them with me on my Duke of Edinburgh hikes because I am not a fan of Whey Protein (these contain Soya – so they are also vegan/lactose-friendly!). These are a big more filling than Nakd Bars, so I don’t eat them on the regular (and they are a bit more heavy in terms of sugar!) but they are really nice for a once-off. Like Nak’d Bars, they also come in a bunch of flavours, but my top three are; Choc Almond Fudge, Chocolate Chip or Crunchy Peanut Butter. Although these are sometimes hard to find in Australia – you can order big boxes online (which I will definitely be doing when I go home!)


Lenny & Larry’s Complete Cookie (s) in Peanut Butter, Snickerdoodle and Double Choc

AUD – Not available (only in very, very select stores or online)

GBP – hard to find (I paid £2 each for mine)




This is one hundred percent, true love. These cookies are seriously SO much better than regular cookies – they are so soft and crumbly, plus they come in the most decadent flavours! They come in around 14 flavours, but these were the only ones available when I went to a store in Picadilly (you can also order them online). Unfortunately, these are really hard to find in Australia – but if anyone finds somewhere that sells them regularly, please let me know! I am going to have to ship a lot of these home….


x Lizzie


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