Travel Diary 03 – Amsterdam

London, for me, had always been the place that I could see myself living in as a mature adult. I loved (I still do!) the bustling streets and the easy transport, the accessibility to the whole of Europe..... and the accents! However, this all changed when I went to Amsterdam in March. I fell totally head-over-heels [...]


The Coffee Dispensary

Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire ("The Midlands") Known for: Artisan Coffee, aesthetically pleasing interior and the nicest staff! I recommend: The cappuccino (with oat milk) or the Dark Chocolate Mocha & the oreo blondie!  Website: Instagram: @the_coffee_dispensary Facebook: 'The Coffee Dispensary' Twitter: @Coffeedispenser Telephone: 01242 260597 I feel like this blog post is REALLY overdue. Mostly for the fact that [...]

June/July Favourites

This is the last 'traditional' favourites for a while as I am travelling around Europe for the next two and a half months - so all my favourites after this are going to be travel related (yippee!!). Although I did not have the chance to try out any major new products, I did, however, I [...]