Driving Me Wild (H&M x BlogLovin’ Competition Entry)

As Leandra Medine (shoe-lover extraordinaire and founder of the blog, Man Repeller) once stated; “(As I always say) Leopard print is a neutral” and this, I totally agree with. My H&M Leopard Faux fur coat makes any outfit (plain or extravagant) into something edgier + glam.

I went on an adventure in this coat (both literally, and metaphorically) to have it in my hands. Around three years ago, I went on a school trip to Italy and naturally, came back full of gelato, pizza… and clothing. We had our first day in Rome (in which we stayed for a week) and we were returning a couple of days later, after a trip to Positano – for a night before we flew back home to Sydney. We stopped off in H&M on our first shopping adventure and I went around, trying on and photographing the items that I knew I was going to buy when I returned a week later (the coat, being one of them). I had fallen head over heels with this coat (mind you, I wasn’t sure if it was in my budget range because the euros were expensive compared to Australian currency at the time) – so I promised myself that I would wait and get it on my return if I had budgeted correctly.

Long story short: I returned – the coat was gone and the whole store had changed seasons! After speaking in my very, very broken Italian to numerous employees (I was told that the season had changed over, that they had no stock, that they had some left – it was a very stressful time!) – I finally nabbed the last coat in my size after somehow fumbling my way through my Italian which I learnt when I was twelve.

It’s my go-to fashion accessory and one that I have gotten a lot of wear out of during the winter months and my favourite H&M piece, so naturally, it is the focus of my entry.














I paired my coat with an all black ensemble; a black skirt (Primark) and a black, long- sleeved top (Glassons) and Comme De Garcons Play x Converse shoes. My glasses are from Dita, my bag, Acne Studios, and my jewellery is from a pandora + passed down from my family members. I really wanted to mix designer/high fashion with everyday lifestyle, hence, the variety of brands to make the outfit more accessible to a wide audience (after all, that is what H&M is founded on!).


Thank you so much to Chakkri for shooting these photos! Go give him a follow on Instagram – @cksorn






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