May Favourites

Life is getting busier and busier – and my favourites are getting shorter! (unfortunately!). I am quite proud of myself for completing ever month so far *cheers* – as I say every month, I cannot believe how fast this month is flying by. We are already six months into the year! How crazy is that?!

Without further ado – here are my May favorites;


Aēsop ‘Geranium Leaf’ Body Balm 

AUD – $37

GBP – £25




I was surprised a couple of months ago when I actually learnt that Aesop was Australian! I automatically assumed that it was a European brand, due to the cute packaging – but it just goes to show that Australia is on the rise! Personally, my favourite is the Geranium Leaf scent, I feel that it works all year round, but there are a few other scents on the market. I feel that this has a more liquidy consistency than the ‘Body Shop’ one (below), so I use this on days when I don’t need a heavy moisturiser (I do use it sparingly though, because of the price tag!) – it is one of my transitional season favourites.


The Body Shop  ‘Raspberry’ Body Cream

AUD – $14 (no longer available)

GBP – £11




I love using ‘The Body Shop’ Raspberry moisturiser most days of the week – although it is a bit heavier + can tend to be a bit greasy if you put too much on at once, you need to find the right balance (I feel like the amount I have on my hand in the picture above is enough for one leg, just because it blends so well). The Raspberry scent is quite sweet, so I tend to put this on in the morning. The only thing I find is that the packaging is not very travel friendly, so if I need to pack lightly – I would opt for the Aesop one.


‘Chinon’ Vintage Camera

Price – bought vintage £50




Although this camera is a bit dusty (not because it is vintage) from sitting on my shelf over my holidays this week – I am really excited to go out and shoot with this, particuarly as it becomes summer in Europe! I managed to pick this up from a camera shop in my town for around £30. Although I had my heart set on a Canon AE-1 (I still really, really want one),    I figured I should get the basics of a film camera down before forking out the money for a better, flashier (cuter) one. Although I am not excited about the price tag to get the films developed (!!), apparently it can be quite expensive…  I am interested to see how my pictures turn out.


L’Enfant Terrible High Heels (Black) 

AUD – unavailable

 GBP – £150 (shipped from Amsterdam – originally in Euros)








I swear, I keep my shoes in excellent condition! Although the light has decided to bring out all the little dust particles in these suede shoes, they are quite clean in real life…..moving on. I tried on these shoes in Rotterdam, however, they did not have my size, but I instantly fell in love with them. I was on the hunt for some quality court (mid-length/high) heels for general wear (as all the heels that I currently have are quite high) and I figured black + suede would make a wonderful match. L’enfant Terrible are hand-made high heels produced only in The Netherlands, so if you live overseas, you would have to get them shipped to you (UK shipping is free). The boutique was launched in 2013 and focus on rock n’ roll aesthetic that is super comfortable. Personally, these are really pleasent to walk in (some heels are not at all – beauty is pain, as they say) and they look amazing on – not too short and not too high. The perfect everyday high heel.

Traditional Scottish Ring 

GBP – £15




Although I come from Irish descent, I was travelling around Scotland over the last week and I wanted to pick up something whilst I was there (something that wasn’t a keyring…..). I have been looking for a ring for my left finger (I currently have two on my right hand) to balance the two out but there was nothing in particuar that caught my eye in the major stores such as Pandora. Although my dream is to have a Serge Thoroval ring (those can be quite expensive), I figured I would settle on this handmade, sterling silver ring – made in Scotland for the time being. The intertwined ‘triangle’ style symbol represents ‘mind, body and soul’ – to remember to ground yourself, which I think is quite nice!


May is over!! I honestly cannot believe it – we are half way through 2016.  Here’s to another six months – lets make it a good one.


x Lizzie






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