Filter & Fox

Location: Liverpool

Best Known for: Coffee/Breakfast during the day + cocktails/bar food at night


Instagram: @filter_and_fox

Twitter: @FilterandFox

Facebook: Filter + Fox

Phone: 0151 708 9458


Hey there everyone! I have been travelling around the United Kingdom this week and I decided to start a little cafe series (keep in mind, I have never food blogged before, so this is a challenge!) because – if you know me – I drink a lot of coffee. I thought I would start with the ever-so-charming coffee hideout, Filter and Fox, located in Liverpool, UK (Fun Fact: This is where The Beatles originated from!), around a two and a half hour train ride from London.

Filter & Fox is located on Duke Street in Liverpool, just off Hanover Street (it is lovely that it is still really central, but not in the bustling areas of Liverpool!). I went there at around 9:00AM and it was completely empty, which suited me just fine (bear in mind, it was also a weekday, so I figured people were doing the coffee run before work, or would go for drinks after a long day). After reading the choices on the menu, I settled on a classic favourite – a cappuccino (I think I am lactose intolerant and I ordered milk in this, not thinking. My body regretted this one later.) and the peanut butter, banana, agave syrup + walnut toasted bagel.

Apart from the fact that I had milk in the coffee (I should have really ordered almond milk!) – it was really nice. The texture was creamy and it was not too strong. Personally, that’s how I like my coffee. If you like it a little stronger, I would suggest a double shot or a flat white. F&F do most drinks, including tea, but you can always ask if you want something in particular (the girls there are so lovely and really helpful). For those venturing out in the evenings, they also serve cocktails + wine and from what I read, they look really nice – if I am ever back in Liverpool, I will have to go for a night out!

In terms of food – breakfast is served from 8AM until midnight (yes. Midnight. For all those times you wished the cereal cafe was open – I have a solution!) and there are other options including sandwiches, ‘plates’ (shared food between 2 or 3 people) and snacks. The peanut butter bagel was the sure winner (I was also going to go for the avocado toast but I figured I would save that for when I am back home in Australia). I had never tried Agave Syrup before – I was pleasantly surprised.












There we go guys – I hope you enjoyed the first in my cafe series, there are more to come!

x Lizzie

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