Travel Diary 02 – A Saturday in London

Almost a month ago, I went for a quick get-a-way in London town! I was born in London (and have been many, many times since), so I have done most, if not all, of the sights. Nevertheless, London is an ever changing city (one of the many reasons why it appeals to me), and one sunny Saturday morning – I decided to brave taking my camera around London to catch my day in action.


0.1     weapon of choice (CDG x Converse Chuck Taylors)




0.2  – “the department of coffee and social affairs” (although I may have some bias because they have an Australian barista… I feel like they make the best coffee in London! I went to the one in Soho – but they have a few others *like one in Covent Garden*). I had the cappuccino (as usual) and I have to say, it is one of the best ones I have ever had.




0.3 – of course, I could not go past Soho without checking out some of the stores (although I went to a lot more that were not photographed), I specifically chose Sandqvist because they have been open for a couple of weeks (almost a month now). Taking inspiration from nordic lifestyle and landscapes, they focus on minimalistic designs and creating premium leather goods (like handbags, clutches, satchels and backpacks) as well as cotton designs (as you can see on the wall). The store was founded in Sweden, with the London location open in Soho (check them out here:







0.4 – now onto my favourite portion of the day, food! I heard about BAO through a number of people (and a number of websites – thank you Buzzfeed!) and I just knew I had to try it out. I am a big fan of Asian cuisine, specifically dumplings – so I knew that I was going to love this choice. As a bit of a warning, if you are wanting to go at peak time (say, lunchtime), I would recommend to arrive around half an hour earlier than your estimated time as the line goes out the door and down the street sometimes! I sat down at my table at around 12:30 – so I had queued for about half an hour in total. Just bear that in mind if you are looking for somewhere quick to eat (although the service is very speedy!)

I chose the Crumbed Daikon Bao (0.1 pictured) which was light and fluffy in texture and was fresh and light. I knew that I also had to try the famous ‘classic’ bao (which is what the restaurant is famous for) and boy, I was lucky that I did (0.2). The fluffiness of the dough + the seasoning of the pork was immense – it was one of the most memorable dishes I have had! The pork was slow roasted and ‘melt in your mouth’, absolutely delicious!

Finally, to finish up, I grabbed a Horlick Ice Cream Bao (0.3), which was a bit of a struggle to eat (I ended up cutting the ice cream in half, eating it and then eating the sandwich portion of the Bao). As the bao dough was fried for the dessert portion, it made it a nice change from the fluffy dough of my main course.

I am heading to London in a couple of days – I may have to stop at BAO again for another round of fluffy buns. If you’re around Soho, Fitzrovia or the Netil Markets – grab yourself a spot if you can, it is totally worth the wait.

(find them here:

Catch ya later!

X Lizzie


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