Filter & Fox

Location: Liverpool Best Known for: Coffee/Breakfast during the day + cocktails/bar food at night Website: Instagram: @filter_and_fox Twitter: @FilterandFox Facebook: Filter + Fox Phone: 0151 708 9458   Hey there everyone! I have been travelling around the United Kingdom this week and I decided to start a little cafe series (keep in mind, I have never food [...]


Travel Diary 02 – A Saturday in London

Almost a month ago, I went for a quick get-a-way in London town! I was born in London (and have been many, many times since), so I have done most, if not all, of the sights. Nevertheless, London is an ever changing city (one of the many reasons why it appeals to me), and one [...]

March/April Favourites

Long time - no speak! I am so, so, so sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I've been struggling with some personal issues (I'll write about that later if I feel ready to, I suppose) - so I have  needed to give myself to reflect on some decisions and to get my life [...]