“The Teen Blogger” Tag

Hiya, my loves! Bit of a surprise post today – betcha guys weren’t expected that!

A couple of other bloggers and I have decided to make up a tag because…. why not! It’s about being a ‘teen blogger’, something that is not as relevant to me nowadays as I have graduated school, but I did make my blog when I was in high school!

Enough rambling from me, lets get stuck in –


  1. Why did you start blogging and when?

October 2015, in the middle of my final exams (sorry parents! Didn’t tell you that bit of information). I had wanted to blog for a while, but I was always self-conscious/worried/anxious about putting myself out there, and then I thought “you know, why am I stopping myself from doing something I want to do?”, looking back on it now, I think it was silly that I was the one holding myself back from myself – you just have to go for it, y’know!


2. Do you think being a teen blogger is more stressful because of school?

I did drop off the blogging earth after I made my blog (whoops), because I did care about my final exams – didn’t want to undo all the work I had put in for two years! In terms of blogging in general, I find it semi-stressful. I hold a full-time job at the moment, and balancing the two can be difficult, but you just have to make it work! Planning shoots, on the other hand, is so hard when your camera man is 17,000KM’s away…. (I did just order a tripod, around half an hour ago actually!)…


3. If you had to describe what you write about in 3 words, what would they be?

Beauty. Lifestyle. Rambling (a lot of rambling).


4. Top 5 teen bloggers?

Oooh – can I do young adults too?? (do twenty year olds count? I’m going to make them count!)

– Chessie “Freshly Pickked’ (http://www.freshlypickked.com )

– Ela “Vampy Gold” ( http://vampygold.blogspot.co.uk  )

– Olivia “What Olivia Did” (http://www.whatoliviadid.com )

– Chelsea “Avenue Chelsea” (http://avenuechelsea.blogspot.co.uk )

– Suzannah “She Has More Fun” (https://shehasmorefun.com )


5. Have you ever been teased or bullied by class-mates because of your blog?

Only a couple of people from school know about my blog – I only have it in my handle on my personal Instagram account but it was never widely known (purposely, I was also in my final year of school and was really focused on studying to be honest with you). But most people have been really supportive of it – obviously, all my close friends know – and they were all really supportive/on board/as excited as I was!


6. What’s the meaning behind your blog’s name? 

I just kind of went with it to be honest – my name is Elizabeth, who knows who “Her” is – I guess that’s for me and you to find out! I liked the ring to it, I thought it sounded professional, and could carry me to whatever age I blog until (it won’t sound weird when I am say, twenty-five, y’know?). And obviously having it connected to my name is important too.


7. Do you think blogging has become a more competitive industry in recent years?

For sure. I mean, I haven’t been in it long enough to experience the shift – but those who I have talked to see a side to it where it turns from “fun” to “competitive”. Personally, I think we are all trying to have our voices heard, like in any business – really! I always want to be supportive to other people – we always have to start somewhere! Social Media, in general, has become super competitive recently – people are starting to see Youtube and Blogging as a career (which is exciting!) as five years ago, that was unheard of!

I think that is one of the most exciting potentials of this century, is the fact that our generation/the future generations will be able to access all this amazing creative content. It just makes me so excited!


8. Who are your celebrity style icons?

Hmm. That’s a hard question! I love Blake Lively’s style – I wish I was as tall as her, so I could pull of some of the clothing she wears (and can we appreciate her and Ryan Reynolds tho ahh). I also love Selena Gomez’s style, her red carpet looks/music video looks are really cool.


9. Who do you take your blog inspiration from?

Everyone! I love finding new blogs and seeing how they do things – their views and how they express themselves, it’s one of my favorite things to see people doing what they love.  I also take inspiration from things that are currently happening in the world (eg: the whole ‘social media is a lie’ fiasco), music, art, poetry. I also love watching videographers/vloggers who have a particularly ‘calming’ (calming? indie? hipster?…. relaxing) style such as Will Darbyshire, Arden Rose and  Maisie Peters (her music makes me feel all warm inside ah I love it).


10. Are your parents supportive of your blog? Do they understand it?

My parents actually didn’t know about my blog when I first started it – not saying they are super strict about it – but because I made it in my final year of school, if I told them, they would have been nervous that I would be focusing on that and not studying (which wasn’t the case). I mean, I would say they are supportive, because I love writing it! I am pretty sure they understand it, but I don’t think they understand the point of it being a ‘career’ (like most parents, I guess haha).


11. What’s the best thing that’s come out of blogging so far?

Meeting new people, being able to express myself, being invited to an event with Benefit/Style Haul/Cartia Mallan/Karissa Pukas last year – that was really, really, really cool.


12. Describe the teen blogging community in 3 words?

Supportive. Enthusiastic. Fun.


13. What’s your favourite type of blog post to write?

Ooooh – I love my monthly favourites! I love shooting and reminiscing on all the stuff I’ve loved over the past month.


14. Who do you tag?

Ela from “Vampy Gold” and Suzannah from “She Has More Fun”  – go girls, you’re up!!

* hugs *




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