February Favourites

It’s that time again! My favourites for the month – I swear I was just posting my other favourites for January – the time is flying by so fast! Bring on March…..

I (surprisingly) don’t have a whole lot of favourites this month – but these are my small collection;


(disclaimer: sorry about the changing lighting in these photos – I got some stuff last night and I just HAD to include them in my favourites!)




Margaret Howell “White Rose Hand Cream” 



I love roses. Especially white ones, so shout out to the SO for picking out the nicest smelling hand cream ever (picked a winner amirite?), I received a very cute care package from Korea, which included this luxurious smelling hand cream – it has made it’s way into my Feb favourites, and my Wednesday night beauty routine! Hurrah! (I most definitely need it, after all, those dry winter months).



Madisen Kuhn “Eighteen Years” 





I, also, love poetry. Quite a bit actually. There is something about poetry that captures me differently to the way a book does – don’t get me wrong, I love reading novels, but something about poetry reminds me of sitting on the couch and hearing the rain fall on my roof. Madisen Kuhn (I love the spelling of her name, it’s so unique) is my favourite contemporary, 21st-century poet. There is something about her words that makes me feel really calm and relaxed, so, that is why it is my favourite book to read before bed.

(can we also appreciate the fact that she retweeted me on twitter the other day…. I nearly cried. dreams do come true, folks.)

3SixT Action Camera (Black) 




I am a big fan of ‘fish eye lens’ cameras – but I am always too nervous to invest in a go-pro, because I am not a pro vlogger (as of yet). Until then, this does the trick – shout out to my dad for sending it from Australia! You go, Dad!! I screw it into my ‘selfie stick’ (which I do not use for selfies. ever) and away I go – next award winner of Britain’s best British vlogger (jokes, jokes). It also comes with a waterproof case, which will be cool to use in Portugal during summer.

Adidas Superstars (All White)




Newsflash. I really need to stop buying shoes. Literally this is the third pair of new shoes that I have shown in a monthly favourites blogpost….but LOOK AT THEM. AREN’T THEY BEAUTIFUL?! Now all I need to do is learn how to clean white shoes.

Not only are they a beautiful crisp white colour (including the famous ‘Adidas’ stripes), they are seriously comfortable. I mean seriously. “Walking on clouds” comfortable, to be exact. Go and invest in a pair – they have some really awesome colourways too. I actually saw  a maroon/deep red striped pair on depop the other day – may or may not buy them. sorry in advance, bank account.



Not exactly a beauty product or the like, but, I did, however, cut my hair to my collarbone earlier this month! It was a big deal for me because I have not had collarbone length hair since I was about 7.  Not kidding – my hair was down to my tailbone before I got it cut to a few inches past my collarbone, in July last year.

I have never felt more pleased with a hairstyle, it is less oily, so much easier to style and most importantly, it takes five minutes to dry. five minutes! (versus the hour(s) it would take for my really long hair to dry). Hurrah!


That’s it! A short but sweet monthly favourites – just like February!

Hope you all have an excellent first days of March (and first days of Spring if you live in the UK – no more winter! *cheers*)


X Lizzie










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