January Favourites

Woohoo! 1 out of 12 – done and dusted!

January was a big month for me, I settled into the wintery UK weather (personally, my favourite over the Australian summer – 39 degrees right now!). But one of the massive positives about being in London is the access to all the newest fashion, beauty and skincare products that I ADORE – hail Boots and Superdrug! (shoutout to Primark for the fluffy pillow – I am in love)

Enough rambling from me, here are my January Favourites;





‘Origins’ Clear Improvements Masque 


I have been dying to try this product for so long. I feel like the samples that you can get at Mecca Cosmetica or Sephora in Australia cannot allow you to fully immerse and experience the product, so I was very lucky when I was able to pick up a (free!) mini tube of the Origins Clear Improvement Masque.

It’s made of charcoal, which has impurity clearing qualities and leaves my skin feeling so smooth – I put this on once a week during my lush bath (also heaven). Seriously, try it for yourself! I will definitely be picking up a full-size sample when mine runs out.

UK     £23 (Available from House of Fraser/Boots/Superdrug)

AUS      $25 to $35 (Mecca Cosmetica)

‘Mint Julips’ Lip Scrub (LUSH Cosmetics) 



Again, with the LUSH lip scrub obsession. I solemnly swear to never buy another lip scrub from LUSH again. Okay, don’t hold me to that new year’s resolution, please.

A throwback to my October Favourites (it’s under the 2015 tab, go and check it out!) where I told you my love of the Bubblegum flavoured lip scrub but customs would not be happy about me bringing that over to the UK, so, I had to get another one! Mint Julips is like a mint chocolate chip flavoured lip scrub, which is a bit more on the savoury side, but still as effective!

UK  £5.50 (Available from Lush)

AUS $9.95 (Available from Lush)

‘Sugar Crush’ Antibacterial Hand Cleansing Gel (Soap & Glory)


Is it weird to include a hand sanitizer in my favourites?

Anyways, moving on. Not only does this keep my hands clean – it smells so good, like vanilla + lime cleanser! (The bottle is super cute too!) and this, unfortunately, isn’t available in Australia!

UK    £2.50

AUS   n/a


Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (Light) 



I have heard SO much about this concealer, and for the past four years of my life, I have been dying to try this out! So as soon as I walked in Boots, I managed to finally get my hands on it. Collection, as talked about by many beauty bloggers + vloggers on the interweb, was previously named Collection 2000. This concealer is known for it’s ‘staying power’ (apparently up to 16 hours, although I haven’t tested that out), I can 100% say that my undereye concealer does not crease, fade or smudge throughout the day! Hurrah!

I usually put NARS Creamy Concealer (see my other faves for my review) on before putting the Collection concealer on, purely because it has a lightening effect. It comes in a three shades; light, medium and dark.

UK   £3.99 (Boots)

AUS     n/a

Maybelline ‘The Rocket Volum’ Express” Mascara (Waterproof) 



I originally bought the non-waterproof version of this mascara in Singapore last year and used it dry. I have quite long eyelashes naturally, so many mascaras become either clumpy or look like I have put on ridiculous false eyelashes.

Personally, drug store mascaras work the best for me (price wise, applying wise) – I have never used a better mascara than this one. ‘The Rocket’ mascara is not available in Australia, so along with the Collection concealer, I just HAD to pick it up at Boots. Reunited with my fave. (although I need a hell of a lot of makeup wipes to remove it – so worth it for fluttery lashes!)

UK    £7.99

AUS      n/a

OPI Nail Polish (Malanga Wine)



I have found a new winter love; this nail polish colour. Isn’t it beautiful? It reminds me of a winery. Nothing better than a dark red nail polish and a dark red lipstick to match, I have never felt more put together.

I got this in a Christmas set from OPI ‘All Stars’ which comes with 10 other colours (ranging from green to black), but this one is my favourite so far.

UK   £23 (Amazon)

AUS   $30 (Amazon)


“My 2016 Diary” from Frankie Magazine




Welcome to my 2016 diary! Look how cute it is!! Although I am a religious Yen Magazine reader (sorry Frankie Mag!) – I love the Frankie Diaries and may join over to the dark side to collect them ever year. They have both a weekly view and a monthly view, with each month decorated in a different pattern (as you can see, February is a mustard colour with white and green flecks). How cute!

UK    n/a

AUS   $26.95 (available from most newsagents)

‘The Psychology of Love’ by Sigmund Freud 



I would only recommend this book to 18+ (not sure how many of you are actually above that age), but this book deals with some pretty mature themes. I find it pretty interesting, Freud does not only speak (it is written in an essay-form) about the scientific way that individuals love each other; such as the chemical effect of adrenaline and dopamine affecting the brain to function differently – like a drug. He also speaks about the emotional reason as to why people love and how people deal with sexuality. It’s quite interesting! I’m a lover of love, so I am enjoying it so far.

UK   ranges from £12 – £15 (All good book stores/Amazon)

AUS   ranges from $15 – $30 (All good book stores/Amazon)

Comme De Garcons PLAY x Converse Shoes





Now. It is time for you guys to meet my second love. There is quite a story for me to get these shoes… I tried to find them in about four stores in Sydney without success, two stores in Perth (without success) and then I tried Dover Street Market in the UK (which has a whole floor dedicated to CDG x Converse Shoes)… they had every size but a 5! So, I had to order them from America and pay a £60 customs fee. So worth it, though.

You can also get this same style in Navy (low tops) and you can get the same but in high tops (white and navy options). There are also two other versions of the same sort of design, but I loved these because they were quite minimalistic. Let me tell you, they are SUPER comfy with an inner lining, it’s like walking on clouds. The only downside to this shoe (not that I’m complaining) is that they can get dirty pretty easily – they are white, after all.

I’m in love.

UK   £95 (Dover Street Market; online and in store)

AUS       hard to find in stores, but ranges from $190 – $250  (FarFetch; online only)

That’s it for now! I hope you enjoyed my Jan round-up!

Let me know if you love any of the products in the comments, or on Tumblr (Elizabeth and Her) or on Instagram (@elizabethandher)

Bring on February!

X Lizzie



2 Replies to “January Favourites”

  1. This post made me smile, I’ve finally found someone who’s as obsessed with the LUSH mint scrub as I am! And I’m so so jealous of ur CDG converse, Ive been dying to get a pair myself! I love your blog, I’ll be keeping my eye out for new posts 🙂 xx


    1. LUSH is seriously the best thing ever! And don’t even get me started on the CDG Converse….It was such a struggle to get them – but they were so worth it in the end (even if I had to pay a fortune on shipping *gulps*)! Thank you lovely – I’ll be keeping an eye out for your posts too! *virtual hugs* X


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