My Top 5 “All Time Favourite” Movies

  Hey everyone! I was watching the movie 'The Intern' (would recommend, it's very good!) and I had the idea to share with you, my top 5 all time favourite movies, in case any of you have some spare time on your hands! Without further ado, let's get this ball rolling;         [...]


50 Facts About Me!

I am currently sitting in my favourite coffee shop in the sunny United Kingdom ('s pouring with rain outside and I did not bring an umbrella with me.... why, Lizzie, why?!) - and I thought I would let you guys know more about me - so you all just don't know me as 'the girl [...]

January Favourites

Woohoo! 1 out of 12 - done and dusted! January was a big month for me, I settled into the wintery UK weather (personally, my favourite over the Australian summer - 39 degrees right now!). But one of the massive positives about being in London is the access to all the newest fashion, beauty and [...]