Life Update and Reflection on 2015

New year, new me! (Not really, but it’s the thought that counts) – one thing I want to commit to this year is establishing a schedule on here – I left for a bit, sorry about that! So from now on – I’ll post on Wednesday evenings, which means I can shoot some pretty awesome content for you guys on my days off from work!

But now – I am back, with a new layout, a new set up for the new year! I am quite in love with it if I do say so myself.  And I plan on sticking around. Can’t get rid of me just yet.

So. Now that January comes to a close (I have January favourites on the way!), I wanted to keep you guys updated with my life, and my views on the year that just passed.

2015, for me, was one of the biggest years. In terms of academics, I graduated high school (I’m an adult now….help!) and embarked halfway across the world (leaving all my loved ones) for the United Kingdom, something that I had planned almost two years prior to leaving school. Packing up and leaving was seriously bittersweet – I was excited to flock the nest and gain my wings (meaning some independence away from my parents) but I was particularly sad to leave some important people behind (you know who you are… and you’ll most likely be reading this so ‘hello, I still miss you heaps’!). But now that I have left, and settled into a routine and gotten over my jet lag, it’s one of the best experiences. So far I have learnt…..

  • Facetime is a godsend. It is the cure for all homesickness (apart from chocolate and a fluffy blanket), whether that be visual or audio.
  • Invest in a good TV show. (“Making a Murderer”, anyone?)
  • People WILL confuse you as a New Zealander. I am Australian, thank you very much.
  • At some point, you will miss your train. You will miss your bus. Or the train conductor will sleep in and that means your train is cancelled at 7:00 AM. It happens.
  • You are not going to get along with everyone in the world, that is okay.
  • Find an artsy coffee shop. Become a regular. It’s the best thing ever.
  • ABC (Always. Be. Charging) and PKW (Phone. Keys. Wallet) – life motto for travelling. No point in having a phone and not having it charged!

2015 was also the year of figuring out who my true friends were and investing in people who wanted grow with me. I tried to focus my ‘friendship energy’ on people who I actually wanted to hear their views on, and how they saw life (wow. so philosophical). Time is precious, people, no point giving your time out to people who won’t give you theirs. In turn, I met some of the most motivated, stimulating and amazing people who I am very lucky to call my friends *virtual hug*.

2016 is already looking amazing – I can’t wait to see what it will bring.

x Lizzie




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