+39 Pizzeria

Hello! Long time, no post!

I have been super busy with leavers, finishing school, organising my trip to the UK – its been so hectic! But, now I am back (and staying!). Thanks for being patient!

Prepare for an influx of Melbourne trip photos: part one. All this week, I am in Melbourne for my version of “schoolies” (getting drunk and partying at the GC isn’t really my scene). I would much rather eat at nice restaurants and shop till I drop!

Speaking of nice restaurants – My friends and I went to +39 Pizzeria, a famous pizza restaurant in Little Bourke Street, just near the CBD in Melbourne, and I just had to share it with you guys!


The Food

+39 Pizzeria is famous for their margarita pizza + homemade lasagna, made fresh daily in the restaurant. Although they had specials, we decided to stick to the classics and experience what made +39 famous.

Both my friends ordered pasta, as I went for pizza (it has always had a piece of my heart, after all *no pun intended*). One of my friends ordered ‘oversized’ penne with pesto and my other friend ordered the famous lasagna (which was amazing, if I say so myself). Me, on the other hand, ordered a margarita pizza with buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto. Sadly, the photo of the pesto didn’t turn out as I planned – but check out the other dishes! *drools*


The Vibe & The Service

The vibe of the restaurant was nice, rustic but modern. It felt like I was in italy! I suggest getting there kinda early – we went at around 6:30, without a booking, and grabbed one of the last available seats for three. Service was good – the pizza came out faster than the pastas (probably around a 5/10 minute difference) but we didn’t mind. The only concern that I had was that the water bottles were little, we went through about three before dinner.



+39 was a nice Italian restaurant. Sure, not the best Italian (i’ll reserve that for Italy) but it was a good find. The price was pretty high, so if you aren’t in the mood to spend (my pizza was $30 in total) – save yourself for a different restaurant.

Total Score:  26/30

Food – 8/10

Service – 8/10

Vibe – 10/10



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