Summer Travel Essentials

Summer in Australia is right around the corner (ironically, I’m jetting off to London at the end of this year… the polar opposite!) which always means tanning and consuming an insane amount of ice-cream. I am, however, getting lots of travelling in the next two months, in particular, my post-exam celebration to Fiji (there will be a blogpost about this later!).

Hence, I’m going to be showing you some of my absolute essentials for a summer holiday (or for when you are just relaxing in the sun!)

Travel Essentials for Summer

Bullet Journal + Coloured Pens

IMG_1321 IMG_1322

Think of a bullet journal as a compressive to-do list! It’s like a mix between a calendar and a planner, however, it is completely customisable to whatever you want to do with it! I made mine more of a calendar style, with each individual date and the items that I had to complete each day. Items can be migrated (moved to the next day) and are coloured in when they are complete (as you can see in the right picture). I also have a list for movies I want to watch, monthly and yearly goals, books I want to read- the opportunities are endless!

Of course, to write in your bullet journal, you want some nice looking pens and colours- I love the staedtler ones because they don’t bleed through the pages like sharpies or other pens would. It definitely helps me get on track with all the things I want to complete each day! (You can buy these pens from newsagencies and stationery stores!)

Search ‘studyblr’ on tumblr and let the study inspiration begin! (while you’re at it, follow me on tumblr here:

A protective phone case, a laptop + good music

IMG_1323 IMG_1324

IMG_1336 IMG_1340

Anyone who knows me personally, will know I love apple products. Trust me, I have thought about changing to another brand, but I just can’t do it. I am too much of an apple fiend, which suits my lifestyle. (There is also something aesthetically pleasing about the shining apple logo late at night whilst I’m curled up in bed watching a movie). I had a clear case for my iPhone (I have a gold iPhone 6), however, it was getting old and needed a change up. Whilst at the airport, I noticed the ‘native union’ cases and I thought they looked awesome! I choose the white one (it also came in black), with the timber insert. I later found out that they make a marble case which I didn’t see at the airport which is a bit frustrating – but hey, that gives me an excuse to buy another case! Also, How cute is my computer screensaver? I love it!

Nothing screams ‘summer holiday’ like sitting by the pool listening to music (which is what I am doing whilst writing this post!)- one of my favourite artists is Alessia Cara, 19 year old Canadian artist who is relatively new on the music scene. I love her catchy tunes from her EP ‘These Four Walls’ (as well as her new single “Wild Things”). I have also been loving Apple Music (this is not sponsored by Apple- I swear!!), where I can download all my new tunes!

“Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between” by Jennifer E. Smith (a good book!) 

IMG_1325 IMG_1327

After my two monthly book favourites last month (check out my previous post for ‘Gone Girl’ and “Big Magic”) I was in the mood for an ‘easy read rom com’, which is one of my favourite genres. I won’t spoil too much about the book itself, but it follows a couple- Clare and Aidan as they seperate half way across America for college, struggling wether they let themselves free from their relationship or fight the distance. To help themselves figure it out, they re-trace their milestones and memories from their two year relationship. Let’s just say, I was crying on the plane (I’m not kidding haha) but I still really enjoyed the story. I love Jennifer E. Smith as an author, her writing is humorous and she really makes you engage with the characters (hence, why I was so upset at the end!). I also enjoyed ‘The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight” and “This is What Happy Looks Like”, her other two books.   4/5 stars 

You can buy ‘Hello, Goodbye and Everything in Between” from Amazon ($11) or any good bookstore.

Black Bikini + a (dressy) playsuit 

IMG_1332 IMG_1335      

I feel like fashion is the only thing in my life that isn’t completely organised. I always seem to never have mixed and matched outfits, and I have a random assortment of colours and prints. However, when it comes to swimwear, I have been leaning more towards block colours like red, white and black. This makes it easy to mix up different colours, so you pack less (although I bought four bikinis on my Fijian trip… whoops). For dinner, I prefer to wear a playsuit as its more comfortable and flow for the hot weather. I bought this one from Bloch (the dance store- who knew they made clothing?!) last year, so I’m not sure if it’s still available, but i’ll add the link if I can find it. I know online store Beginning Boutique and ShowPony make similar ones.

Bikini; Seafolly top & Jets by Jessika Allen bottoms (both available from swimwear stores and online)

Playsuit- Bloch (no longer available, 2014 collection) however, some online stores have similar prints/styles.

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I take on my summer holidays! If you guys have any questions, feel free to shot me through a message on my tumblr (link in this post) or on my instagram @elizabethandher!

X Lizzie

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